I want to climb trees in ballroom gowns
Go dancing in the pouring rain
Jumping into the rainbow streams
Oily chemical paintings on our streets
Knee deep in miniature lakes
But staying dry as sunshine
Because with you rain is only a state of mind

Let's scrape our knees from falling
Bleed onto the bleached white carpets
Forget the rules and grow wings
Defy gravity one more time
Before we have to grow up
And leave everything that's beautiful behind us
Pretend that we could love forever and a day

I want to taste salty kisses
Because we couldn't hold back the ocean
As it pours from our eyes and mouths
Sticky and hot against our thoughts
Like a downpour of what maybe shouldn't be
But we're going to make it happen
Just because we can

Someday I want to be with you
You'll tie flowers in my hair and fingertips
Whisper words into my ear
Tickling my eyes with brief forever fantasies

I'll wrap my hands around your neck
My forehead to your throat
Your face in my hair

We'll dance slow and sweet and soft
Like honey became a melody
Wrapping around our shoulders
Drenching dripping down our thighs
Our legs will be the musical notes
Our hands the lyrics crisscrossed
Patterns of what love could be across our chests
Bare feet slamming on the damp grass
Ruining everything while we perfect it all

Give me liquid promises
That slip between my fingers
All the way through my ears
Until our iloveyous are spoken so many times
That every time we phrase them they're so empty
But every other word is a new song
Tingling on my tongue
Lips so numb from waiting wanting

I miss you
The sugary sound of your voice
Rubbing against the telephone
Saying everything so wrong it's right
Or maybe the other way around

I would rather be with you
Than float through the galaxies
I'd give up the trees and stars
Books and poetry that really isn't poetry
Just to see you hear you touch you

But sometimes I wonder
If you'd do the same for me