It feels like I'm barely breathing

Buried under the lies

Trying to tie the ends together

Putting back the pieces

All the familiar faces

All the voices in my head

Gasping for breath

Trying hold it all in

It feels like im going crazy

And there's nothing I can do

All I need is time and space

A place to be alone

Someplace tears aren't shameful

Someplace my past won't be looked upon as a mistake

Frustrating thoughts wrestling in my mind

All my faults are laid out in front of me

I try to breathe but I choke

And everything falls apart

The barrier I constructed so lovingly, it all comes crashing down

The pieces fall to the ground and once again I am left vulnerable

I am no longer deaf to your words

No longer immune to this pain

What can I do to be good enough for you?

What does it take to make all this hurt go away?

It seems like every time I try to rebuild myself

You're right there to tear it all down

No matter hard I try its never good enough

I just never get it right

Well now I've had enough

And I'm not going to stay

And you'll see one day

I'll hold my head up high, I'll be strong again