Lying on my bedroom floor

Wishing that inspiration would come

Or that something would just happen

Anything to push away this


That creeps into my minds eye

Concentration always makes me frown

If pointless thoughts were water

I think my mind may


In deep pools of oblivion

The vastness of empty space

With everything in conclusion

There is nothing left to


But the loneliness of it all

Maybe even the selfishness of sorrow

I know this is the eye of the storm

Disaster may soon


Breaking the rhythm of my heart

Drum beats that are becoming few

The waiting becomes the worst

The only thing that is


I never handle all of this well

Being alone in my mind for too long

I will hide away from all of the light

Begging the darkness to hold


To block out every thought of peace

There will never be absolution here

Never losing sight of the fact

That I will always have my


To think you have none is naïve

At night it wakes you in your sleep

But it will always save you

From ever falling in too


So the light may find a way through

Bringing possibility and hope

The darkness will try and fight

But light is strong and it can't


With these new-found feelings

Filling emptiness in my mind

I feel helpless as it takes over

A repellent I am not able to


To cure the dreaded weakness

From a safe place I am woken

Again I find the storm breaking

But I am already