Congratulations were in order

The room filled instantly with love

Amazing, we could not believe it

You were definitely a gift from above

Now this scene seems long ago

Yet it was only 2 weeks before

The circumstances changed drastically

And shook everyone to the core

Mother sick and child unaware

As it nestled deep down inside

Support was there from all angles

But it couldn't hide the pain she cried

Morphine pumped through her veins

As they tried to find out what was wrong

Eventually surgery was scheduled

But they nearly took too long

You need to know it's not your fault

Another part of her body wasn't right

You have to focus on what lies ahead

Draw in all your strength and fight

Little one, so small and fragile

You know what you have to do

Your tiny heart should be beating now

Make it hold on and stay true

You are already in our hearts

Don't let yourself slip away

You need to survive for your family

And live through the pain of today

Just think of tomorrow's horizon

And think hard about right now

Let determination be your fuel

We know you'll pull through somehow

We know how small you are

And that this is a lot to ask

But you will be welcomed into love

If your time hasn't already past

We trust that you can do this

And we know that you will try

Everyone is here to support you

Please don't tell us goodbye

All we can do now is wait

And pray for you loud and true

That this isn't your time to leave

When you are so young and new

It seems the verdict has been cast

Time told us of your tiny fate

It seems our prayers were answered

They did not reach you too late

You overcame such large obstacles

Even though you are so young

We are all overwhelmed with joy

To know your song has just begun