She sat in a somewhat uncomfortable computer chair, the chair kept her back too straight for comfort and the keyboard was just a little too low, but that was how she liked it. It kept her alert and focused on her job, and it forced her to work quickly so she could stand up and stretch.

She had specifically chosen her room to be completely window-less. She had sensitive skin, and she could burn very easily. And because of the lack of windows, her room was very dark. In fact, she didn't even have any lights on. The computer monitor was the only light source she had in the room, and it was just enough to see the faint outlines of the sparsely decorated office room.

She attempted to lean back in her chair, but found herself unable to do so. The chair barely allowed her a moment of comfort, why should it let her have a moment of relaxation? She leaned back as best as she could, adjusted her long blonde hair into a somewhat messy ponytail, straightened her glasses. Her eyes fell onto the bottle of flavored water she kept always at her desk, it was no doubt very warm and she could just make out a faint layer of dust.

She shook the sleepiness from her eyes, the computer clock said 1:34 AM, and she really needed to finish her report. She was usually so good at this sort of thing, keeping on top of her duties was something she prided herself on. But this was a project that had run into some 'snags' as she put it. It wasn't exactly work-related either, so that also caused it to get tossed aside. But she couldn't dilly-dally any longer and needed to finish this soon. Hence the late nights.

Her fingers danced upon the keyboard, with the grace of someone who sat in front of the monitor almost every day for several hours. The only sound in the room was her typing away, and she let herself get lost in what she was doing-

She turned around quickly. Did she hear something just now? She scanned the room, using the computer monitor's glow to get her surroundings. Small desk, some pictures, a lamp…Everything seemed to be in order. She smiled to herself, she was getting jumpy at night. She was in a very secure office building, up on a very high floor, and no one else had the key to get into her room except her boss. Nothing to worry about.

She turned back to her monitor, hands flying away on the keyboard again-

She whipped around a second time. She definitely heard something, a clearing of a throat it sounded like. She gasped when she saw another figure standing behind her, only about 5 feet away. The computer monitor only let her see a silhouette. A faint outline of a nose, dark holes where eyes went, and a mouth curled into a smirk. She thought, for only a moment, that she had seen something sticking out of his back, but there wasn't anything there when she looked again.

He spoke first, a voice that more of a growl than actual words. "Your time is up."

She responded, praying she sounded calmer than she felt. "I need just a little more. I'm almost done, I swear." She was surprised at how business-like and controlled her voice was.

"You know he doesn't like to wait." The response was a demand, not a statement. "He wants to put the plan in motion tonight."

"I know," She looked into the dark holes, hoping she was meeting his eyes. "Just a little more-" She froze when he pulled out a weapon. A bright golden bow. "P-Please. A little more time…" She had started to panic.

He shook his head, and fired a brightly lit golden arrow at her. For a moment, the room was lit up brighter than day, then it went out as the arrow pierced her flesh. She let out a cry of pain, but no one heard it. The building was empty. She fell to the ground, half expecting to see herself bleed.

She tried to move her head, but her vision was going out. Darkness was surrounding her eyes. She could see this man turn on his heel, she could barely hear him mutter a final statement. "God will be done."