(Universal Calendar) Saturday July 23, 2343

From the Journal of Ryoma Flametongue

Boy, it's been a while since I wrote in this thing huh? Sheesh, I've been slacking. However, I have a good (very good) excuse for doing so. I've been so busy with this and that, that I haven't even had time to sit down and start writing. I'll just right from where I left off, I suppose, and catch this up to normal time.

Anyway, Luke was able to defend Joshy extremely well in the court cases after the plane crash. There was an overwhelming amount of evidence against the deceased (what a shame) Stephanie that it was impossible for Joshy to lose. Joshy got off completely scot-free, and even got a formal apology from President Bleckensdale himself.

Joshy has since started a newer version of McMillian Manufacturing, Inc. surrounding himself with good workers and creative people. He has given all the employees who died a great sum of money, and arranged for all of them to have grand funerals. Joshy attended each and every one.

Angel has also been pardoned of the accusations against her, largely due to Luke's great ability in the courtroom. She has since moved into Humania to live with Joshy, although the Majestic raised her ranking in the EFPA to Commander. She felt it was time to take a break and enjoy her life. She and Joshy are due to get married in the fall. (Awww. How cute!)

Luke has been very busy lately working with the vampires in Vamporia, trying to rebuild and restore the country's former glory. He's amassed quite the amount of vampires working to help him, and he's a frontrunner to be the new Head Vampire. He says he'll refuse however, preferring to take the job Joshy's offering him at McMillian Manufacturing, Inc. He still hasn't told his half-brother anything, and I'm getting impatient.

Mi-Mi and I (it rhymes!) have since also moved into a larger house in Humania. Joshy gave me a great job making computer chips at his company, which is giving me more money than I could ever hope for. (Well, there's always more in the world…) So, we're living very comfortably down here. She's going to school in Draconia, however, so she does have a relatively long flight ahead of her every day, but it's really getting her in shape.

I think that about covers it. That should catch you guys up to where we are currently. Now, for all of you who have been reading this, now you have sit around and wait for the sequel. So, you know, be good about it and such. Anyway, Ryoma out! Oh, and Flonne's pregnant.