I kept my eyes closed

With my hair in front of my face

Please don't pull me closer

You grabbed my face

And turned me around

"You're beautiful."

I don't want to face you

Too many imperfections

You're worse than a mirror

I am nothing compared to you

Nothing in your presence

You said, "I love you."

You can't love someone like me

I failed too many times

Just another imperfection…

My friend says brokenness is beauty

And perfect doesn't taste so good

But how will I know until I embrace it?

I see myself as broken and ugly

Imperfect and tasteless

Perfection will be better…

Well, it's the only thing left to find

You are like a mirror

You make me feel unveiled around you

I don't want you to see me

I don't want you to like me

I am not ready

I am not good enough

You are way more perfect than me

And I love you …