Tapping a pencil against the front of my teeth and I looked at the paper on the desk, then glanced at the open laptop that was happily downloading the latest single of my favorite artist. I was determined to get at least one draft of anything down on paper first rather than going straight to my laptop and opening a new word file. If I was going to be an accomplished writer in anything I need to learn how to work with multiple drafts. There might also be a good explanation why my mind kept wondering, and why I was tapping my pencil instead of using it.

My eyes traveled up to one of my main distractions looming over me; the head Librarian. "We're closing." He said curtly. With his close cut graying brown hair and small glasses on his overly large nose trying to make his pinched eyes look bigger he stood with one hand on his waist staring down at me and my unfinished, not even started, work.

"Sorry, when is the library closing?" I knew what time it closed, I was here all the time, he just really pissed me off sometimes and I liked toying with him. But instead of responding he pointed to the large clock that faced me on the wall. The minute hand ticked forward once, showing that I had two minutes to get my petite little bum out of the building. The man glanced at me one more time then walked away to take care of his other duties, which consisted of telling the other employees what to do. This sometimes made me wonder why I didn't just go to a small public library, where they actually liked their patrons.

Digging in my bag I pulled out a silver clip with a small purple glass orb on it surrounded by colored enamel ivy and quickly clipped my hair out of my face. I shoved the paper back into its folder and closed the idling computer, slipping it back into the case. As I got up I saw the man shoot me a look and I just smiled coyly as I walked out and the doors were locked behind me. I mentally sighed and started my hike back to my apartment, another uneventful wasted day. Of course that's all that my life had become recently, but I was slowly adjusting.

Maybe I should introduce myself before I start my story, delve any deeper I should say. Nice to meet you, name's Ayala Montagrove, let's get coffee sometime, yea? Actually I'm not sure if that's my real last name, it's my adopted name. I always found it funny that I could remember that I was adopted, but now how I came to become an orphan. The first 9 years of my life are missing, and twelve years later I'm still wondering what happened.


This is just something I'm experimenting with. Tell me if you want me to go on, I know it's short not alot there, but I'm a big action person so I'm promise to try and not disappoint.
Thanks tons.