Chapter eight – Set free & new routines

On January the second, after five days in quarantine, the health and safety people declared that they were all free of the virus, and could leave when they wanted.

A cheer went up through the P.I.s, but it was so loud it sounded as thought twenty people were cheering. Anyone listening must have thought they were all mad, but being locked up with your colleagues and boss is not a way anyone wants to spend their new year.

As the days past, Kassie developed a routine for her weekdays. She would wake up at six, shower and get dressed. Then she would wake Carla up at seven, and get her breakfast while trying to clean their flat and drink coffee at the same time. At eight fifteen, they would knock for Danielle, Who lived next door with her mum, Helen, and went to Carla's school. Kassie would drive the kids to school, then go to work. Helen would pick up Carla and Danielle at half three and drop Carla off at deLacy investigations.

Weekends were a slightly different story. Kassie got up late, and the flat didn't usually get cleaned or tidied. When she had cash to spare, Kassie would take her little sister out to places – theme parks, the cinema... She wanted Carla to have as normal a childhood as possible, despite the unusual circumstances.

Kassie enjoyed her job, sorting out questions in other people's lives. However, in the estate where she lived and worked, not everyone was willing to answer questions.

Jake told her, that on one occasion, he and his partner had received death threats while trying to find out who was behind the animal activist activities around the local research lab.

"But mostly" he assured her "we just do everyday stuff that the police can't be bothered with – missing persons, honeytraps, sometimes…"

"Honeytraps?" asked Kassie innocently.

Jake gave her a disbelieving look "You must know what a honeytrap is,"

"Well…" she teased, "maybe you could just give me a quick run-through..."

"Look it up," said Jake sternly, but he was smiling as they got back to work.