Chapter one

People don't know me, although they think they do, based on how I look and act. They know me as an emotionless robot. I never really speak much of myself cuz if I do, I'm sure they'd hate and judge me. They already do, because of how I look and act. I only have two friends, after all, is that not pathetic?

I'm just…A pathetic fag. Yeah, yeah, I'm gay. No one knows except my best friend, Larry. He's probably the only one that would understand. Sure, he's only bisexual, but they do go through hell like us. They get accusations of being fake. People think they just want attention. And they think bisexuals are confused.

So, I'm a gay, emo, emotionless robot (how does that even add up?) that no one gives a shit about. I'm sure you're thinking, 'Aww. A lot of people care about you, I'm sure! You shouldn't talk about yourself like that!' But, I don't care what you think, dear reader. I'm about to give you solid proof. Presented by, I, Asher Nielsen…

When I arrived at school on Monday morning, things were already going as expected: Not a single passing glance or acknowledgement of my existence. As always, as always. Except for Larry and Annette, my only and best friends. We've know each other since I came to Hunt, from living in Idaho. They helped me because what I always wanted: …Cool? "Hey, hey, Asher!" Larry waved me down.

I walked over to them and smiled. "Hey, Asher," Annette blushed slightly. I think she has a bit of a crush on me. But she doesn't know that I'm gay yet. And I wonder how she'd react. I mean, I know she's supportive and not homophobic like my father. I'm sure he would have a fucking cow if he knew I was gay. He already calls me gay and assumes I am, but in a demeaning and cruel kind of way.

I put my arms around them. "So, tell me about your weekends, my loves?" Larry just rolled his eyes. "I had a date with Ben and Jerry, watching movies, as always," Annette heaved a sigh. "Why don't boys like me?"

"I don't know, Annette, us boys are just stupid," I patted her red head. Then, of course, diarrhea of the mouth suddenly slipped. "If I were straight, I would go out with you." Oh, man.

"What?" she blushed even more and her eyes grew wide. Since when did I get a big mouth? Larry looked scared for me. "He said," he cut in, "If they were straight, they'd go out with you. He's implying you only like gay guys."

"No, he didn't," it was at this point that I knew Annette would surely get on my case. "And it doesn't make much sense cuz with the gay guys, I don't hold any hope cuz I'm sure I'll get rejected. But all the straight guys go for Stephanie. I swear, her tits are fake. Notice how they never jiggle?" We just stared at her. "Anyways, uhm… are you…" she got closer towards my face, "…Gay, Asher?"

I felt myself flush immediately. I'm not well-prepared for this situation. I'll just say the first thing that comes to mind… "No." Well, easy enough. She frowned, then changed it to a smirk. "Are you sure?" she asked me, she obviously was in disbelief.

Larry decided to jump in again. "Have you ever considered that he may be bi?" although he knows better. "We teens often get confused in these fragile years," he stated, being oh-so noble. Then the bell rang, thank the Lord.

We all shuffled our feet into the halls and went to our lockers and to our classes. My first class was math. Fudge cookies (I HATE math) During class, my phone vibrated, signaling that I had just received a text message. It was from Annette. "Are you gay? You can tell me anything, you know. I promise not to tell anyone." I replied to her, "Yes, I am. But please don't tell anyone. Only you and Larry know." Then she promised she wouldn't tell. I mean, she is one of my only best friends, so I should be able to trust her whole-heartedly. "So, who do you like?" she asked me.

"Why should I tell you?" I asked defensively. I didn't wanna tell her that I liked Larry because… I don't know. Saying who you like is hard most of the time. "Cuz I'm your best friend and I wuv you," she answered like a smart-ass. I hesitated for a moment before answering, "Larry."

"Oh, my God, that's so sweet!" she gushed. But I said back, kinda cranky, "Save it, woman."

After first period, all Annette kept doing was smiling…At me. And it was really, really kinda creepy. I never knew a person could be so capable of smiling. "Annette, can you stop it?! Please?" I cried. Still smiling, she asked innocently, "Stop what?" Wow. "SMILING!" I whined. "It's creeping the shit out of me!" She suddenly started feeling the pockets of her sweatshirt. "Oh, fuck…" she started panicking. "Where's my phone?" Then I noticed that people were pointing, whispering, and staring. At what?

The fag. Yeah, me.

The girl I absolutely loathe named Sydney came up to Annette and I, and said, "So, Asher, you're gay? Like, oh my, God! And you like Larry Kool-Aid?! Oh, my God. Ew." She opened up her ginormous purse. "Here, Annette. I believe you were looking for this. You stupidly left it in the computer room."