Author's Apology for his works, Past, Present, and Future:

And it fell unto my lot one night,

That I should take up my pen to write.

That seems to some but a petty thing,

But it fell on me, and my heart did sing!

For when my pen is set to page,

I weave the tales of another age.

Of kings and queens and dragon hordes,

Of valiant knights and noble lords.

These tales I tell of ages gone by,

Yet into the future I may still fly.

To tell of things there that I see,

Of things to come, that may yet be.

The whole world shall be my book,

What will I write of? Come and look.

But now I have said what I must say,

I shall return on another day,

To tell the tales that must be told,

For you to learn the truth they hold.

And so my friends, I say goodnight,

For I have written what I must write.

Fare thee well, adieu, may we meet again,

Until such a time, I stay my pen.