Being brought up in a family with high prestige is not always a matter to look forward to. Just because my family owns a multinational corporation doesn't make my life any easier. Okay, first off, my name is Christ Kerensky. I am currently 24 years old and am residing in California. Appearance-wise, I have short, light brown hair that falls down over my eyes, which leads to the next aspect of my body. People say I have dark brown eyes that can freeze a person dead in their tracks. My serious business-like attitude and looks are needed in order for me to uphold my family name and company. However, I'm also known to sweep many girls off their feet with these eyes. Or maybe it is simply because they are after my wealth, I have no idea. This idea bothers me in a way though. You see, I haven't mentioned a little bit of information yet. The thing is, I'm actually a female. Considering those body parts that no one has ever seen besides my mother and myself, I am pretty much sure that I am a girl.

You see, my mother has difficulties in being able to provide my father with an heir. After medication and certain methods, my mother was finally able to give my father what he wanted. However, the doctor told her that she can give birth only once due to her health. Well, after receiving a daughter instead of a son, she was devastated. Not that she didn't love me, but she felt as if she had somehow let her husband down. Which leads to her next step in bribing the doctors into hiding my gender. And thus explains the situation in which I am currently in. Even my own father treats me as a son. Which may I say, is pretty sad.

Well, here I am typing away at my laptop in hopes of finishing these last few documents. Five minutes later, I'm out of my office and heading home. Before leaving for work this morning, I was told to come home early. I wonder what the occasion is.

"Hello Rosa. How has your day been?" I greeted my head maid after the door was opened.

"It has been quite well. Thank you for asking young master. Please have a seat at the dining table. Your parents are waiting for you." She replied with a smile plastered on her face. I have always seen Rosa as another mother because she has taken care of me since I was young.

"Good evening father. Hey mom." I quickly gave my mother a kiss on the check before taking my seat.

"How was work son? Did everything go smoothly?" My father asked his daily question.

"Yes father. Everything turned out fine. Today our company signed a contract with Sinnel's Corporation. I believe this will be a successful agreement that will not only earn us a huge amount of profit, but also a higher status." I replied.

"That's great son." My father said before continuing on. "Your mother and I actually have something to tell you. We are sure you would be pleased."

I looked at my parents and waited patiently. Somehow, I had a feeling that I would not be pleased

"Son, do you know Mr. Laurence who is the CEO of Flein? Well, he has an exceptionally beautiful daughter. She is intelligent, well-mannered, and very respectful. You are to wed with her within two months, by your 25th birthday. I am sure you and Tracy would get along smoothly. This is for your future." He informed me this in such a calm voice that I didn't know how to respond.

I sat there in shock while my parents stared at me intently, hoping for a reaction. How was I supposed to react? Suddenly, I come home from work one day and boom! I'm arranged to marry this 'Tracy' that I've never heard of! I admit, I have always been an obedient son, or daughter, but this is just too much! How can he expect me to follow through with this. And my mother! Oh my god, doesn't she know that I am a girl! How am I suppose to marry someone who sees me as a man? Why isn't my mother objecting to this. I have to speak with her later.

Finally, I looked up at my father. "Dad, I don't know if this is a good idea. I mean, I'm barely 24. I'm still young and I want to concentrate more on our business. I don't think I am ready for a wife. I don't even know her."

"Christ, I'm pretty sure this is a good idea. She is the heir to Flein's Corporation. I heard that she has the skills and talent as a business woman. You guys can merged companies and help each other out. Other then that, our firm will prosper. You are nearing 25 and I am getting old. I want some grandchildren before I pass on." He told me this in a weary voice. And then I noticed it, his age is catching up with him. But how can I conceive children? I mean, we're both females and…oh god, this is just too embarrassing.

Noticing the blush that is currently creeping its way across my face, I quickly dismissed myself and headed towards my room. I grabbed my clothes and a towel and headed towards my bathroom. Yes, this is exactly what I need. A bath will surely calm me down and help me have a clearer head to think this situation over. While the water is running to fill up my bath tub, I observed myself in the mirror. My breasts are fairly average size due to the bands that I wrapped around them every time I am outside of my bedroom. Then there are my slim waist, and my long, shapely thighs and legs.

I let out a sigh that I have been holding in. Yup, I'm pretty much a girl.