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Tracy stared out at the ocean as the wind blew past her hair. Leaning closer against the rail, she let herself enjoy the breeze. It has been a long day since she had spent six hours doing nothing but sightseeing on this ship. They were currently on an enormous, beautiful cruise ship. And they were the only ones occupying it besides the workers. So basically, it was a very peaceful and quiet six hours. Just what she needed.

"Enjoying the ride?" A sudden voice interrupted her serene moment.

"Of course. You might as well too since we'll only be on it for a couple more hours." She replied.

"Yeah." Smiling, he too leaned on the railing next to her. "This is nice."

In a short while, they would be arriving at their privately owned island. Both families had put effort into buying this island and giving it to the two as a wedding gift. Thinking that the couple would need to spend some quality time together in an isolated place, they decided that this would be the best location for their honeymoon.

The sun was starting to set as the sky depicted various colors. Light shades of red, pink, purple, and orange made its way across its surface. Little, puffy clouds were gently floating on the sky, hovering over the setting sun. Tracy breathed in the scent of the ocean as the calmness lulled her into her own paradise.

"It's beautiful." She suddenly whispered.

"Mmhmm… look up there." Christ suddenly pointed upwards. "Doesn't that look like a little turtle?"

"Huh?" Glancing up, she saw what her husband was pointing at. "Yeah, it kind of does. It looks more like a puppy though. Don't you think so?"

"No, it looks like a turtle. The neck is pretty long."

"That's not the neck. That's the puppy's tail." She retorted.

Looking away from her wife, the short-haired girl suddenly broke out laughing.

"What's so funny?" Questioned her puzzled wife.

"Well, it was such a tranquil moment just now. And then suddenly, we're debating whether that…." She pointed towards that same cloud currently floating alone. "Is a turtle or a puppy."

"Oh." Softly chuckling, she muttered. "I still think it looks like a puppy."

Slightly amused, the taller girl grabbed her wife's hand and pulled her towards the direction of the rooms. "Come on. Lets get inside before it gets too cold."

Smiling, Tracy trailed after the other girl, getting used the warm feeling currently soaring through her body.


"Young master, young mistress, we have arrived at the island." The servant gently bowed his head.

"Thank you for informing us." Turning her head to face her wife, she asked. "Shall we?"

Tracy looked up and smiled. Grasping onto the hand that was offered to her, she stood up and followed her husband outside.

"Wow, it's so… green."

Glancing over at the younger girl, Christ raised an eyebrow. "I suppose that's one way you can put it."

"This way please." The same servant from before led the way.

Quietly, the couple followed him towards their destination. A road was laid out so it was not as difficult as it seemed. At first glance, one would think that he would have to cut through the forest. However, that was not the case. By this time, the moon was already out, guiding them with its light. After twenty minutes of walking and small talking, they finally reached their destination.

A vast mansion loomed up in the middle of the forest. It was a stunning white that reflected the lights of the moon. A high, metal gate circled around the mansion with one entrance at the front. There, stood two guards currently keeping watch.

Making their way towards the gate, Christ noticed that the guards seemed a bit pale and cold. "Good evening sir. Good evening miss."

"Good evening. It's getting cold out here. You two may go in and rest for the night." Christ said as he walked into the entrance. Beside him was Tracy. She gave the guards a small incline of the head before walking in.

At the entrance to the mansion, a man in his mid-forties greeted them. "Good day master, mistress. My name is Henry Wright. I will be your steward here during your stay. If there is anything that you may need, please feel free to tell me." He looked up and smiled at the two.

"We'd be sure to tell you. Thank you."

Turning to Tracy, he asked. "Are you hungry?"

"Not really. The ride here was tiring. I just want to rest."

"Okay then. If it isn't too much trouble, we would like to skip dinner." Christ stared at the Henry.

"Of course. That is not a problem. Here. Let me show you to your room."

With the steward leading the way, Christ and Tracy followed suit till they reached a door on the second floor. Henry then opened the door and handed the silver key to Christ.

"Your clothes and accessories will be packed by the maids in the morning. For the time being, please use the clothes that are in the dresser. Have a good night's rest master, mistress." With a gentle bow, he walked back to the way he came from.

The young couple was left staring at the room. A silver plasma TV was to the center of the room on the wall. The carpet was a colorful design of blue and red. Near a grand window was a desk with the latest computer appliances. The window itself had its red curtains pulled back and now showed the vast landscape of the entire forest and lakes. Above, the moon continued to cast its radiance down into the room. The room itself was massive and sophisticated. To the right, a door led to the luxurious bathroom. Then both pairs of eyes traveled to the bed. In the middle of the room up against the wall opposite of the plasma TV was a king size bed with comfortable sheets. However, that was the problem. There was only one bed. And this time, there was no couch.

"Don't worry, I'll sleep on the floor. It looks pretty comfortable. See. The carpet feels fine." To make his point, Christ sat on the floor and patted it.

Fidgeting with her fingers, Tracy spoke up. "No, it's okay. Even if the carpet looks comfortable, it probably isn't. And it's cold today. You'll get sick."

The older girl stood up and looked at her, as if asking are you sure.

"Don't worry. It's fine with me. I trust you." She smiled sincerely at the taller girl.

Christ found herself staring straight into the other girl's eyes. She knew that Tracy meant what she said. Knowing that she has started to earn Tracy's trust, her heart sped up on its own accord. She tilted her head to the right and mumbled. "If you're okay with it, alright then."

Noticing that Christ is starting to feel uncomfortable, Tracy began to feel uneasy. "I'll go take a shower first." Quickly, she made her way into the restroom.

When the short-haired girl finally heard the water turn on, she relaxed. These emotions are all new to her and she doesn't know how to react. Tracy has been the only one that was able to trigger these sorts of feelings in her. Sighing, she laid down on the bed and stared at the ceiling. Even the ceiling was flawless. This mansion was probably barely built. After tossing and turning for quite a while, Christ settled on going to the window to stare outside at the moon. For some reason, the moon always seems to soothe her when she's deep in thought. Tonight was no exception. The moon continued to cast its rays. And it was unusually bright today. Maybe it's because they were on an island.

Hearing the water faucet shut off, Christ turned her attention towards the restroom door. Remembering the steward's words, the short-haired girl made her way to the dresser to get her clothes. As she was rummaging through the drawer, something hit her. She doesn't recall Tracy ever getting clothes. In fact, she was rushing towards the shower. And the water has been off for quite a while already.

The door knob to the restroom suddenly turned. The brown-haired girl turned around only to witness Tracy walking out hesitantly. A small white towel was tightly clasped around her body. Her shiny, wet hair traveled down past her smooth shoulders. Slightly flushed from the shower, or being in nothing but a towel in front of her husband, she walked out of the restroom towards the dresser.

Slightly dazed by the sight before her, Christ didn't notice it until she heard Tracy spoke up.

"I umm, forgot to bring clothes in." Her hands were tightly clutching onto the little towel to keep it from falling.

"Oh, I… I'm sorry. I'll just go in now so you can change." Quickly grabbing his clothes and making his way past her, he went into the restroom while a shade of red made its way across his face.

Tracy didn't turn around until she finally heard the click of the door being closed. Letting out the breath she has been holding in, she scolded herself for being so hasty. She skimmed through the sleep wear with one hand as the other one held her towel in place. After a moment of searching, realization struck her. There were no shorts or pants or t-shirts for her. Whoever packed this dresser only put in night gowns. How was she going to sleep in a nightdress? Next to her husband. In the same bed! Frowning, she picked up a light blue one that seemed the most decent.

"This will just have to work." She mumbled to herself. The raven-haired girl quickly slipped on the gown and made her way towards the left side of bed. Pulling the covers up to her chin, she proceeded to go to sleep.

Twenty minutes later, Christ walked out from the bathroom dressed in a large t-shirt and a pair of long sweat pants. Glancing over at Tracy already sleeping, he smiled before slipping in onto the far right of the bed. Sleep took over as the room became silent besides the soft breathing.


Christ woke up to a sight that shocked her to the core. Her wife was cuddled up against her, her face buried in the crook of her neck. However, it was what she was wearing that troubled here. A very thin night gown was clad to her body, showing off her curves. The strap on her left shoulder slipped down and was just hanging on her arm now, exposing her smooth shoulder. Tracy's arms were clutching onto Christ's shirt as she continued breathing onto his neck. On the other hand, Christ had her right arm wrapped securely around Tracy's waist. Their blanket had somehow slipped downwards and now only covered the lower halves of their bodies.

Carefully, Christ lifted her arm away from Tracy's body. Unconsciously, Tracy squirmed and snuggled in closer to Christ in order to have the warmth around her again. She started mumbling something incoherently and then fell quiet. The short-haired girl waited for a while before trying to scoot away again. Still, her companion was persistent and continued clinging onto her tightly.

Flustered, Christ quickly scooted back only to have Tracy unintentionally grope her breast. The poor girl yelped as she fell back onto the floor with Tracy still on her. Slowly, the girl on top began to open her eyes. This seemed like a déjà vu of the other night. Only this time, the other girl was not so drunk.


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