She sits crossed legged in a pretty white dress
Pretty white dress for a pretty white girl
Crushing dreams between her fingertips
Because that's what they keep telling her to do

Her soul was placed in a mason jar
Liquid fire giggling behind the glass
Empty eyes can't even grasp
The thought of touching something more
Than the silent compliance
Bruises on her lips and thighs
Torn apart by the abuse of ignorance
Her parents call it innocence
But it's nothing more than not living

Let's kill another child
Tell her she is unbeautiful just because she isn't the same
Plastic pretty faces telling her what she needs
She needs to be beautiful and attainable
Turn our children into whores instead of dreamers
Who needs creativity when we can be sexy
Kisses taste better than poetry and originality

Her eyes glued to the TV screen
Listening to mainstream radio and dancing
Hips moving to the music of new sexuality
Slowing sinking into the conformity
She doesn't have a face anymore
Just pretty a makeup mask
That all the boys go for these days
Because looking hot is what turns them on
The brief satisfaction of body over soul

He kisses her throat with perfect boy softness
Puts his hands in all the right places
And she feels so empty and pretty
Clothes burning off of her flesh until skin's exposed
This little girl isn't so little anymore
Warped fantasies and entangled bodies
Tonight she might feel beautiful but sunrise comes fast
When she's going to be alone in the morning

Let's empty the jar and try and find
The soul that's supposed to be inside
Of her