I'm trying to write stuff that's outside the box...help spur my creative juices and what not. This is a strange little story, but it should be fun and fluffy...Btw, don't worry, Finding Rome will still be updated regularly.

One last thing...This story is dedicated to Magalina, for being so wonderfull and reading all my silly stories : D

Warning- SLASH, fluff, mild language

I, the Narrator


Once upon a time, there was a prince… nope, not the one saving the princess…, not the one slaying the dragon, or even the one helping the old lady cross the street. Oh, no this prince would never waste his time on that. Can you spot him? Over there… a little more to the left. Now look down. Yeah, him. The one passed out in a drunken stupor in front of the seedy tavern. Unfortunately, that's the hero of this story…

"Will you shut up? I'm trying to sleep."

I can't believe I got stuck telling this idiot's story. I hate my job.

"Hey. You're the narrator, you're not supposed to call the hero of the story an idiot."


"Disembodied voice."

I have a body thank you very much. It's just…not here.

"Thus making you a disembodied voice."

Oh, shut up and go do something heroic, I'm tired of watching you drool.

"I'm a prince. I do not drool."

The prince lay sprawled on the trash littered, pungent street, dried drool sticking to the corners of his mouth…

"Stop that!"

The prince began to throw a hissy fit…

"Fine. I'm up ok?"

And so begins our tale…

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