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I, the Narrator

Still not quite Chapter 1



"Hey. Narrator guy!"


"Wake up and do your job or I'll report you."

Fine. I'm up. Narrating your life is not my life you know?


The valiant…cough…prince woke the next morning. He touched his head feeling the aftereffects of the alcohol he had chugged down the night before. Shaking his head in frustration he made his way towards the kitchens. He scratched an itch on his nose. He walked towards the kitchen, slowly…He muttered under his breath and glared at the ceiling.

"I was glaring at you. You don't have to narrate every single little thing I do. And I have a name. It's Vert."

Prince Vert's right eye started twitching in annoyance as he continued glaring at the ceiling like an idiot…

"Just go back to sleep. Narrator guy."

First of all. Stop calling me that. My name's Collin. Secondly, I'm not up there so you can stop staring at the ceiling. Third of all, you're not supposed to be talking to the narrator so stop.

"Why do I even need a narrator?"

Cuz you're supposedly a hero.

"yeah right."

My sentiments exactly.

"I could be a hero if I wanted. I just don't want to. I'd rather enjoy life."

The prince stood in the hallway of the royal palace, speaking to the ceiling in self-denial…

"I'm going to the bathroom, do you want to narrate that?"


"Thought so."

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