Don't let yourself fall

Your heart can't break again

You can't love him

Because loving comes with

O b s e s s i o n

And you can't have that…

When he leaves what will you be?

I don't want to seeyoubleed

You know you'll find knives

And pills to take

You know you'll lose friends

So don't let it begin…

Make it end before it starts

But it's too late.

You've already won his heart

He already won yours

You are a captive

But there is freedom in Christ

Maybe it's that

That freedom

That will help you to overcome the

F e a r

And you could then love

Without falling a p a r t

Because love can become true

As long as politics and parents

Friends and family

Religion and money

Doesn't stand in your way

Love is e v e r l a s t i n g

When it is meant to be

A fairytale?

I think it's real

Love can be true.

It's not something seen through a window

Or found just in stories

Prayers can be answered

So don't fear

Maybe you won't fall apart

Even if you are in love.

I was always told love was the answer

But when I found it

I was told to

Stay away

That it would only

Break me

And no one wants to see me hurt

A g a i n

But I let myself fall

I dug my own grave

This time it's my fault

I'm falling forward

Plunging into darkness

Let me live my life.

At least if I make mistakes I will mature

So let me go

Free me from fear

And make me a new slave to love

(Please don't let me down)

Cause again I've fallen

I'm trusting

Don't make me believe a lie this time