Summer Camp experiences - WARNING F/F Slash

Mum and Dad dropped their daughter off at camp with all the other 16 year old girls. She didn't want to be there and her parents didn't want her home for the summer. The young girl headed into her dorm and set up in the last empty bed, she could hear the girls playing outside so just sat down and opened a book.

"hey you, welcome" came a cheery voice.

The lonely girl looked up "yeh thanks"

"You're Sarah"

Sarah nodded

"Welcome, I'm Dani your councilor for the next week" she said.

Sarah could only raise a half smiled and nodded

"So why don't you come outside, it's a lovely day" encouraged Dani

"I'd really like to just stay in here" replied Sarah quietly

Dani sat next to Sarah. "I know you don't want to be here, and I'll do my best to make it the most memorable time" nudged at Sarah playfully, followed by a wink.

Sarah blushes as Dani rubbed Sarah's thigh encouraging. "ohh k"stuttered Sarah.

That night Sarah listened to the sounds of the girls sleeping but could not sleep herself. Thoughts of Dani's touch played over in her mind. Sarah heard the sound of creaking floor boards and strained her eyes to see a figure coming towards her. She half sat and held her breath with fear as the figure sat on her bed. Sarah paralyzed as the figure leaned down to her ear.

"shhhh don't be frightened" whispered the familiar voice.

Sarah felt the covers lift and a warm figure slide in with her.

"Dani is this allowed"

Sarah's words hushed as her lips where smothered in a searching kiss.

"no Sarah...but it's ok don't be scared"

"I'm not" stuttered Sarah, her body like stone not sure what to do next

Dani moved on top of Sarah and kissed the young girl again, her tongue teasing inside Sarah's mouth. Sarah's body felt hot, sensations building.

Sarah broke the kiss "Dani...I've never"

"I know.." whispered Dani "trust me"

Sarah felt Dani smile against her face. Dani sat up and removed her own top, the sheet falls away to reveal in the moonlight Dani's semi naked body. Sarah's eyes widened and she squirmed a little. Dani grabbed both of Sarah's hands and pulled them to her breasts pressing hard. Sarah squeezed and rubbed feeling Dani's nipples tighten. Dani slowly unbutton Sarah top and opens it. She grabbed Sarah's still developing mounds and pulled at them. A excited sigh escaped Sarah's lips.

Dani rested down and rubbed her breasts over Sarah's breasts.

"feel me.. feel us" whispered Dani. Dani reached down and slipped off another layer and grasped Sarah's shaking hand pulling it between her legs.

Sarah head started spinning as she felt the warmth, slickness of Dani's wet pussy. Dani removed Sarah's fingers and sucked each one cleaned, licking between each one.

Sarah started shaking, she didn't know why just sudden urge she didn't understand "Dani...I" whined Sarah

"It's ok hun I know" Dani pulled down sarah's pants and started fingering Sarah gently.

Sarah's eyes clamped shut, she grabbed at her bed sheets holding her breath. Sarah wanted to cry, scream anything to release her tension but knew she couldn't.

Dani raised Sarah's knee and half straddled, she opened Sarah's soaked pussy lips and lowered her own dripping cunt to Sarah's. Dani slowly gyrated against Sarah, her large breast swaying as Sarah strained to watch. Each time Dani ground at a certain spot caused Sarah to buck. Another gasped escape and Dani put a finger to her lips to quieten her.

Dani worked her hard, pushing, pressing, Sarah felt herself leaking into the bed. She noticed Dani started to shake and increase her movement. Sarah felt her body giving in as well and put a hand over her mouth knowing she couldn't let out a sound.

Dani slowed and Sarah put both hands over her mouth as she climaxed up into Dani, her body convulsing out of control as she felt a sense of relief across her body.

Dani slipped down lying across Sarah's shoulder feeling the teenager shaking "shhhhhh Sarah it will pass"

Next day Sarah felt tired and embarrassed. She felt as if all the girls where looking at her so she escaped to lake and let her legs dangle in the water.

"There you are young lady, been looking for you" came Dani's cheery voice

Sarah blushed and dropped her head

Dani sat down next to her and stroked Sarah's hair back "are you angry at me?" asked Dani

Sarah shrugged "I dunno, I don't" struggled Sarah

"Hey it's ok" grabs Sarah's hand "I came on a bit too strong, I'm so sorry" Dani become concerned

"NO" called out Sarah little too forcefully then blushed again.

Dani smirked "well don't forget we have a camp fire and songs tonight, hope to see you there Sarah."

Dani gets up and leaves Sarah sitting alone again.

Although a warm night the girls still sat around the fire singing. Sarah just listened and watched the fire dance into the night.

She looked up and found Dani looking at her across the fire smiling. Sarah tried to hold back her own grin . She noticed Dani get up and move away from the group. Nobody seemed to notice as she headed deeper into the woods. Dani looked over her shoulder at Sarah and nodded her head.

Sarah caught her breath and got to her feet and followed Dani but lost track of her. "Dani... where are you" she felt breath on her neck

"right here"

Sarah let out a cry and Dani cupped her mouth. "shhhh.. don't want the camp to know."

Sarah faces Dani "why...I mean... how old...ummm"

Dani looked into Sarah's eyes " I'm 22, you are so innocent, you need to let go of yourself, enjoy the experience of summer camp" Dani grinned widely at Sarah

"Right" Sarah stood waiting waiting for a signal, anything

Dani stood in front not moving, so Sarah boldly moved to Dani and clumsily kissed her. Dani didn't move and Sarah felt unsure.

"Sarah did you just want to fool around or do you really want make out" Dani grabs Sarah's face in both hands and pulls Sarah to her lips forcing her tongue into Sarah mouth. . Sarah felt that familiar sensation in her body and grabbed hard for Dani's hips pulling her. Sarah kissed her back, her tongue finding its way inside Dani's mouth

Dani breaks and kisses Sarah's neck, biting "come on baby, you got to take what you want, and you know what you want. Sarah held her breath and massaged Dani's breasts. Dani put her hands up and let Sarah remove the shirt freeing her large breasts. Sarah grabbed them roughly, her mouth watering. Dani moved a little back until she rested against the tree stretching her arms up

"run your tongue over my nipples Sarah, taste them" encouraged Dani

Sarah swallowed and devoured one, fitting as much as she could. She sucked harder each time she heard Dani groaned with approval. Her groans started to turned Sarah on more.

"that it baby suck them hard, I don't care if you leave marks." encouraged Dani further

Sarah let her hands move down Dani's torso and slip inside her shorts grabbing her ass.

Dani impatient unbuttons her shorts and kicks off her pants. She fingers herself, pushing against Sarah. She pulls her fingers from her pussy and outlines Sarah's lips with her slick cream. Sarah own banks where bursting, as she licked her lips of the taste and felt her legs buckle. Sarah slipped down to sitting, Dani dropped to her knees and pushed Sarah to lie down

"you liked that huh" Dani licked Sarah's face.

Sarah nodded.

"You want more then" enticed Dani as she dragged her wet cunt over Sarah's bare leg.

"oh god" gasped Sarah.

Dani straddles above Sarah's face . Sarah tastes the first drops from Dani's dripping pussy. Sarah grabs Dani's legs and pulls her down over her face. Her face was soaked with cum as it flowed freely. Sarah continued to drink and swallow as Dani moved over her

"give me your tongue for fuck sake" urged Dani "lick me Sarah, lick hard"

Sarah obey and held down Dani to one spot, the bud was swollen and Sarah flicked at it. Dani's cries got louder, she stretched back open up her clit more

"that's it baby, nearly...oh fuck yeh right there, harder" instructed Dani

Sarah continued to swallow and gasp for air and felt Dani orgasm, drenching her in cum. Dani moved off and collapsed next to Sarah.

She grabbed Sarah's hand and looked up to the stars "good girl." She panted

Sarah wiped her face and looked over and watched Dani eyes flutter close.