Sarah rose early and dressed, she headed towards Dani's room her breathing quickened when Dani's door opened all of a sudden. Sarah hid behind a corner and watched when another student left tucking herself in.

"thanks a lot Dani" called the girl

"no worries, we will continue to work on that later, see you soon" Dani almost sings

Sarah bit her lip hard causing it to bleed. She felt heat and anger in her stomach, emotions of betrayal and humiliation seeped into Sarah's mind to think she was special to Dani. She stormed off and avoided any contact with Dani for most of the day.

Sarah's turn to clean up the dishes and was finishing up alone when a pair of arms went around her waist

"where have you been all day, I've been looking for you." Came a cheery voice

Sarah froze at first then moved away "been busy, camp stuff after all this is why I'm dumped here" growled Sarah as she continued to put away the dishes

Dani cocked her head to the side "what the matter... you seem a little tense" Dani clicked her tongue "right someone's a little frustrated eh princess. Well I have a cure for that and it won't take long if you want a quickie." Offered Dani

Sarah glared "I don't want a quickie, I don't fucking want anything from you Dani so piss off" Sarah through down her towel and stormed off leaving Dani in awe of her rejection.

Sarah headed to her dorm quickly but was caught up

"hey now wait a minute Sarah what's got you in a mood"

Sarah face Dani with a pain look "you're fucking full of it, I should report you for preying on girls like me"

Dani felt she had been winded "Sarah.. I don't know what to say I thought everything was ok between us...why..what's" but Sarah cut Dani off

Sarah waved her arms around "oh and that line you knew you had to have me... full of shit you just used me, fucked me like you fucked the other girls here."

Dani frown "Sarah I've not preyed on anyone and I felt an instant attraction, connection with you...can't tell me you didn't"

Tears started to spill from Sarah

Dani felt sick "Sarah..what have you done... who did you tell"

Sarah tears streaming "I haven't told anyone, like I haven't screwed anyone else since I've been here, can you say the same" she demanded

Dani paused and went to say something but Sarah backed away "don't bother I know the answer I saw that girl leave your room this morning. That is why you wanted me out, so you can get the next one in" Sarah flustered with words of resentment

"Sarah that's not true, bed checks are done at 12.00am and 5am, if you weren't in your bed alarm bells would go off"

"so who was in your bed after 5am then"

"no one" said Dani high pitch tone, confused by Sarah's outbursts

"Liar..." yelled Sarah

Dani growled "I'm not lying I have not slept with anyone here accept you, what girl…I don't know what you are talking about"

"the fucking blonde one" said Sarah loudly

Dani jumped from the loud outburst "Sarah keep your voice down" warned Dani

"the fucking blonde, the blonde girl" screamed Sarah even louder

Dani mind clicked and stepped into Sarah "shut up and listen, there was no girl. It was a guy and we where working on tomorrows activities, trying to keep you kids amused. We broke for breakfast and said we would work on it later" Dani glared at Sarah

Sarah started to calmed down "why was she...I mean he tucking himself in then" still little miffed

"I don't fucking know Sarah, but I'm not into guys in case I haven't made that clear enough over the last few days." Dani's tone now angry

"oh I... I don't...I just" Sarah thoughts confused then relieved

Dani stiffen and looked ahead of Sarah

"Hi Dan, have you got tomorrows program sorted" came the voice

Sarah looked around and eyes met the voice, a blonde guy that Sarah saw early in the morning.

Dani gritted "no...I haven't finished kinda been preoccupied with other matters" looked straight at Sarah "but I guess I'm free from now on" and Dani walked off with the guy

Sarah ran to her bed and buried her face in the pillow before punching it, the pillow absorbing her tears

Sarah got into bed still clothed and eventually fell asleep along with the rest of the dorm. She was woken when she felt her covers move and someone slip in next to her when she felt familiar lips against hers

"I'm sorry" whimperedSarah, tears falling.

Dani kissed the tears and her lips and moved to her ear "no... you don't need to apologize. I'm sorry I didn't think and I should not have got so angry with you baby, please forgive me."

Sarah kissed Dani again not caring if sounds were heard just want to feel close "I missed you Dani..." whined Sarah

"I missed you too." she smothered Sarah's lips and Sarah relaxed her legs as she felt Dani's hand work its way between her legs and into her shorts, caressing her patch gently.

"ohhh" pants Sarah quietly she feels Dani finger sink into her opening and rest deep. Sarah rises and wraps both arms around Dani for support as she starts sliding on and off Dani's finger then two fingers. Sarah holds her mouth as her tension rises quicker than ever. She grabs Dani's hand still and clamps down as she erupts, Dani forces back in and feels Sarah erupt a second time.

Sarah lies back down trying to pant quietly from the sudden rush and Dani lies on her shoulder "I'm so sorry sarah, please forgive me" whines Dani

Sarah strokes Dani's hair and kisses her forehead "always"

Sarah sat at the breakfast table with Dani, and once the other girls left she met Dani's eyes but looked away embarrassed.

"honey, I've seen you why you embarrassed"

"for being stupid, for being jealous... a moron" rambled Sarah "I just never felt such" Sarah shook her head in frustration of what she was trying to say.

Dani smiled "you're not a moron, and it's ok. I was a little surprising at how jealous you became and so quickly"

Sarah blushed and shrugged

Dani leaned in and whispered "quite the little possessive one aren't you"

Sarah thought about it "well is that so bad" asked Sarah

Dani thought about it "no... but shit you can be scary when you fly off the handle. Thought you were going to thump me" laughed Dani

"hmmm thought about it" laughed Sarah

Dani scoffed "really, well that wouldn't have done your chances any good for getting sex again"

"neither you" flirted back Sarah

"Maybe but I masturbate when frustrated, I would of worked my way through it" and laughed at Sarah's reaction

Sarah sucked on her lip and went shy

Dani's eyebrows raised "right... you've never touched yourself"

Sarah remained tight lipped at first "it's not appropriate to do that"

"who bloody well says, the pope, your parents"

Sarah shrugs.

Dani puts her cup down "masturbation is a wonderful way to learn what your body likes, what you like. Also comes in handy for those frustrating moments when only a quickie will do." Laughed Dani

Sarah rolls her eyes "you will go blind" laughs Sarah

"don't knock it till you try it baby, I'm happy to teach you Sarah" offered Dani

"Umm no, you're doing enough for both of us." said Sarah confidently

"Is that so..hmmmm. think you've been getting it too easy" Dani gets up to leave and looks down "have to change that" winks and leaves.

Sarah puts her toiletries away and opens door to her shower cubicle surprised to see Dani

"stalker" laughs Sarah

"you've showered already" whined Dani


"want to take another... with me" Dani pushes past back into the small cubicle and removes her top and pants and turns the shower on.

Sarah shut and locked the door and face a naked Dani. Dani was running her hands up down her body, lathering herself, rubbing between her legs. She leans against the side of the shower and continues to rub herself, slight moaning was echoing as she rubbed harder, her whole hand working.

Sarah stood mesmerized at the sight, "Dani" whispered Sarah but Dani didn't seem to hear her.

Dani body leaned back as she penetrated herself falling against the wall moaning, riding herself. Sarah throat was dry, her own desires aroused at the sight Dani.

"Oh god yeh come on Dani... hit that spot" Dani talk as she stroked herself "ohhhhh yeh oh fuck " moaned Dani

Sarah blushed "Dani what are you doing" Sarah hears Dani's moans getting louder

"what does it look like, I'm getting off pretending its your finger inside me" with that Dani finishes herself and regained composure. She gets back under the shower and rinses herself off.

Sarah semi whispered "did you...did you just"

Dani nodded. "come here" she holds out her hand

Sarah undresses and steps in towards and she reaches for Dani but Dani gives her the bar of soap.

"lather yourself up"

Sarah froze "I can't...I mean I'm just not attracted to myself"

Dani grinned and leaned into Sarah's shoulder kissing it softly "It's called fantasy... see I pretend it was you and wow did you make me cum hard" crowed Dani

Sarah blushed. Dani stayed close her breasts almost touching Sarah "image now me running my hands over your gorgeous, sweet body, rubbing myself up against you. just feel the prickliness of my public hairs."

Sarah breathing increase so Dani took her hand with the soap and made her lather up her body continuously.

Dani leaned in "i love squeezing your tits, just playing with them over and over pinching them. Do it pretend it's me" Dani leans back and watches as saran imitates squeezing her own breasts, rubbing and playing with them.

Dani moves in again "god I want to touch you, I want to play inside you so deep, so hard, so fast"

Sarah pants "do it, please I want you"

Dani moves away and Sarah stops "I can't I"

Dani grabs Sarah and turn her around to face the mirror on the door "you didn't even try. Now open your lips, look at yourself" orders Dani

Sarah obeyed and leaned back against Dani

"that's it... see how red and luscious, it just begs to be stroked" Dani whispers in Sarah's ear "touch yourself"

Sarah started but stopped "it's not doing"

Dani grabbed Sarah's finger and slowly pushed it into her folds, making her rub up and down. Pressing against her spot.

"that's it, that's is so fucking hot" coos Dani as she continues to work Sarah's hand into her pussy.

Sarah pushes against her hand with rhythm and Dani gently lets go and watches Sarah play with herself. Dani holds her breath her own desires creeping up as Sarah rears against Dani, rubbing herself against Dani's patch.

"oh yess, fuck" groans Sarah as she rubs harder and harder, her moans louder as she bounces against her hand and Dani

"oh Dani, oh god I'm cumming" announces Sarah

Dani bites her lip holding her own tension "ok let it go, cum for me" Dani wanting to touch her but lets her finish off the solo lesson

Sarah gently coaxes her climax and her legs give a little. Dani holds her up and pulls her close "good girl" kisses her ear.

Sarah wrapped arms around Dani "well I still like it when you do it to me" snuggles into Dani blushes

Dani holds her and kisses her neck "yeh me too"