Recipe for Delicious Disaster


1 Detective
1 Guitar
1 Music shop
1 New guy (preferably mute)
1 New school
2 Jocks (usually surrounded by ditsy girls, one a bully, the other weird)
A dash of drama
A few instruments (your choice)
A handful of insecurity
A ton of interference
A touch of sexual tension
A pinch of eccentric


Take new guy… add him to new school and wait. Ensure presence of Murphy. Bully jock will automatically gravitate to new guy in order to give him grief. Allow grief to continue for five minutes in order to tenderise new guy. Now carefully add 2nd jock, the weird one and mix in a healthy dose of interference, stir well. Now add the music shop with a pinch of eccentric. Wait for chemical reaction. Ideally new guy will gravitate towards weird jock.

If all goes to plan mix in the random instruments and add the guitar. Allow situation to simmer till lukewarm. Now add the competition, detective, drama and the insecurity. Sexual tension should result. Add a touch more sexual tension in order to tip the balance and reach breaking point. Mixture should start to steam, internally combust and release heat, lots of heat. Serve hot, with ice. Strawberries and cream are optional.

A/N: I couldn't resist posting this… Just for fun. Since I was unable to update this weekend I decided to post this instead... Please note that this recipe makes no promises... It is only meant for a little amusement and is based on the current state of this story! I promise to respond to all the reviews in the next main chapter!!!