Author's Note: Sorry, it's not my best work. At all. I haven't even finished the chapter. But since I'm not really going to update this story, I figured, why not let all you alls read the crap that I wrote. haha. Have fun. Love you guys!

Chapter Two

So, I finally got home from the airport, I'll tell you, California airports are busy! Seriously, I was up until 11 trying to find my hotel.

My airplane had landed in Los Angeles. I called a cab around 9 in the evening, that was a nightmare. Apparently, in LA, rush hour never ends. Since the place I was staying at was across the city from the airport, it took forever to get there. And it didn't help that my cab driver couldn't even speak freaking English.

He kept saying he knew where he was going, but obviously he didn't since it took us an hour and a half to get there. By then, I was exhausted from the day's events and I had fallen asleep in the cab.

Trust me, I will never do that again. When I woke up, the cab driver was leaned over me, staring at my face. That was probably the scariest moment of my life. After I screamed, he told me that we had reached the Marriott.

Wouldn't you think that Marriott and Hilton don't sound very similar? Tell that to Mr. Juan Obregeto, who made the "common mistake".

Turns out that the Marriott was right by the airport. It was only a five minute drive. But since Juan couldn't understand where I wanted to go, he drove to the opposite side of L.A. Then we had to drive all the way back, getting caught in rush hour traffic, even though it was 10:30 PM.

Which city is the one that never sleeps? Oh yeah, New York. Well, since that name is already taken, we should dub L.A. the city that never keeps on going and going and going. Wait, that's the Energizer Battery thing. Okay, when I become a famous actress. I'll dub it The City that Never Stops Driving, Which Will Probably Cause the World to Get Skin Cancer because it is Burning Up the Atmosphere.

We can call it TCTNSDWWPCTWTGSCBIIBUTA for short. And if we want to really shorten up the name, we just call it The City that Never Stops Driving. But if we decide to shorten the short name, we will just call it TCTNSD.

Because how much easier can you say LA? Wouldn't you just rather say TCTNSD?

My thoughts exactly. LA is so boring. So, from now on, Los Angeles is The City that Never Stops Driving

I told you that I had a long day.

So, at 11, when I got to the Hilton, not the Marriott, I pretty much collapsed on my bed. All I did was take out my contacts, kick off my shoes, pull back the covers, and hit the pillows.

I had a dream about my acting class. My Ex-Boyfriend, Kyle, was there. He kept making fun of my acting skills. Finally, we had to do a scene where we kissed, and he made me kiss his arm. Then hot, naked guy comes in and says, "Carlie, this is my girlfriend Renee." And he's pointing to Kyle. Then they start cuddling, and Renee comes in. And Brayden says to her, "Carlie, this is my girlfriend Renee." Then the real Renee starts making out with Kyle and Brayden runs away crying because Renee thought he was too fat for her.

I swear, Lunesta gives you the wackiest dreams ever.

I am so excited about my acting class. Only the best of the best can go there. I got a scholarship to it, it pays for half the tuition. The class is only for the summer though, and it costs $10,000.

I better become an actress. That is all I have to say.

I love acting. It is my passion. I love it with every fiber of my being. I just feel like I am myself through acting out other peoples emotions. That might not make sense, but pretty much, I can be myself, only I'm pretending to be someone else. But I'm being me. Pretending to be them. It gets kind of complicated.

I tend to make simple things very complicated. That is one of my big problems. I'm one of those math nerds that absolutely love pre-cal, just because of the fact that I figured out a complicated problem.

Only, I don't like pre-cal. I like algebra. The easy stuff.

You know what I find therapeutic? Canceling out stuff in fractions and stuff. Like this:



Seriously. What kind of a freak am I? Only, I like it when you get the multiplication and division in the fractions with multiplying exponents and simplyfing quadratic equations.

I am going to be an actress and a math nerd. Kind of funny. How many world famous actresses do you know that release their stress by canceling stuff out in math equations. Most of the ones I've heard about go to a $1,000 an hour shrink or they go to rehab. But it's the same thing, really.

I want to be famous one day. I want to act alongside Johnny Depp one day. That is my goal in my life. That would be the ultimate.

No, I am not one of those girls of is in love with Johnny and think he's really hot, even though he's older than my parents. No. I just think he is a brilliant actor and I model my acting after his.

But I'll admit it. He can play some really hot characters. Captain Jack Sparrow? Seriously, I don't think they could have made that pirate hotter. No one could have potrayed good ol' Jack as well as Johnny. They would have missed the opportune moment.

Eunuch. Sorry, poor Will. Jack is so mean to him. I didn't even know what that word meant until Jack said, "Eunuch-y. Snip, snip." Now the entire world knows that word.

I could have played Elizabeth Swan in that movie. Seriously. Plus, since I don't have those anorexia problems. But, whatever…