It was just going to be, 'one of those days.' I knew it the moment the sun poured in through the window, awakening me from my sleep. My dad hovered over me, his hand was reaching towards my shoulder, "Blair, wake up."

"I am awake," I mumbled

"You need to get up. You need to start packing."

"Why do we need to pack this time?" my voice rose slightly in tone.

"You know the reason."

I sat straight up, and fixed my eyes with his, glaring at him, "It's always because of you and your stupid job. We have a few years here, a few years there, and you just expect the whole family to move. It's like you just have to snap your fingers and we suddenly want to move too."

"Blair.." pausing he shook his head slightly almost in a way of warning me to shut up.

"Are you magical now? I'd really like to learn how to just snap my fingers and everyone jump to my command."

He didn't speak a word, just watched me silently.

"Yeah, that's what you always do. Have you ever thought about Chris and I? About our friends, our school, everything we have to leave behind? Of course not, it's always about you, isn't it? It always is. That's how it was and how it's going to be. Well. I'm sick and tired of it. I'm sick of having to move away," I paused taking in a deep breath, I was practically screaming now, "Why? Why do I have to lose my friends? I like it here. I like my school. I have to start all over for my 10th grade year. Will we move again before I'm a senior? You don't even know what high school is like anymore! How hard it is to be a new kid. God Dad, I don't like you. Not even a little."

He blinked and watched me a few minutes after I yelled at him before turning and walking out my door. Seemingly he didn't seem hurt about what I had said. Maybe because what I had mentioned was all too true. He closed it and went to my Brother Chris's room. To tell him the amazing news about moving to a new place once again.

I stumbled out of my bed and looked into the mirror on my wall. My blonde hair was a mess; it was sticking every which way from sleeping. I was in my pink Tinkerbell pants and an old school t-shirt. Running my hand through my hair, I sighed and looked around the room. I picked up my brown hat from the floor, tugging it onto my head to keep my hair out of my face. I would be going to a new place. It wasn't like this was the first time. It was more of the 6th or 7th time. Deep down in my heart I knew this wasn't going to be the last either. I glanced back at the mirror, my blue eyes seemed to be able to tell a story; the story of my life. I sat back down on my bed, staring at the walls, "I'm going to be famous one day. Everyone will know the story my eyes hide. Everyone will know."

I sat there for a while before I finally managed to get up and tug on some different clothes to start packing in. It was the same old drill, good ol' dad always left boxes outside our door for us to use. Pushing some of the boxes into my room and closing the door again, I stood there staring at my room. "Where to start.." I muttered to myself. My father was in the military. That's the reason we had to move all the time. He would finish a tour of wherever we were, and then have to move somewhere else to start a new tour. That's the life of the military and for their families as well. I was an Air Force brat basically; I was proud of the service and efforts the military served, but never wanted to be born into this family.

We had everything packed up in a few days. Most families, it could take weeks to pack up their house. Not our family, we knew the drill, we got it done as soon as possible. The moving trucks came and we loaded our boxes and furniture up. My brother never said a word the whole time about this move. How could he? He was only ten years old. My father never really listened to him anyways, hell; he never really listened to anyone. My Mother on the other hand always looked at this positively, "It's a great chance. Think about it, you get to go somewhere new, be who you want to be. They don't know you. You get to make yourself up to who you really are." We started the journey to our new home. I didn't know it then, but it would be the start of a whole new adventure.