That's how we fell asleep together, intertwined in each others arms, my head resting lightly on her shoulder. We were awakened by the loud slamming of the door against the wall. I slowly opened my eyes clutching tighter to the girl I was hugging onto to be staring into the eyes of my father.

He had a hold of Jaime in a matter of seconds pulling her out from under me. Easily over-taking her and leading her out the door, not saying anything. I chewed on my lip frozen. Jamie had a blank face as my father hauled her down the stairs and out the door. I could see her walking off through the side of the house, her hands in her jean pockets. She glanced up at my window, meeting my glaze, holding it. She stopped a moment and pulled out her hands from her pocket and did the cute little heart sign she was teaching me to do. She put her hands back into her pockets and strolled off to her house.

I don't remember much of what my father was yelling about when he came back in. All that really processed through my mind was the fact I wasn't allowed to have her over anymore or see her. Lucky for us, we at least had school starting soon. It all seemed to blur together. None of it was making any sense or connections. It was just all random words strung together. After a while my mom came back up and they started yelling at each other. I felt like I wasn't even here anymore, like I was watching this from in the clouds.

They calmed down finally and left me alone in my room. I stared out the window looking towards Jamie's house. Wondering what was going to happen with us. Wondering if she was even okay, my father could be rough, he was in the military, of course he could. Don't ask don't tell of course. I chewed on my lip eyeing my drawer. I had to get out of here. Tonight, I had to get to her. I don't care about what my father does. This girl meant too much to me to let this go. She was way too important.

The rest of the night was a blur as well. I felt like I was just moving in a dream doing what I was supposed to do. Playing with my food at dinner hardly eating at all, it was quiet that night. Chris not really understanding what was going on, so he was rambling on about his day with some of the kids around the neighborhood he met. The sound of thunder knocked me out of my daydream. I met my mother's eyes, wondering how she felt about this. I knew what my father felt but my mom's face was hard to read. I picked up my plate and cleaned it off in the kitchen. I went to my room and acted like I was sick and getting ready for bed.

I pulled on a hoodie of Jamie's and found some of the tan cargo pants that matched Jamie's. We got them one day when we went to the mall. I thought they looked cute, and apparently it's one of the fashions going on around here. I pulled on my hat and looked outside. It was pouring but it was worth it to me. I shut my door and turned off the light after I stuffed a few pillows under the blankets to look like something was under there. I went to my window, unlatching it and slipping out into the darkness. I inhaled a breath of air deeply; I have to admit I loved the smell around here when it's raining. I slid down the rose vine ladder we had.

I took off towards Jamie's house. Slipping a little as I landed in puddles of mud, it would be worth it to see her face again. I made it to her back door and knocked on it. Remembering her parent's were away on some business trip, lucky for me I wouldn't have to face another set of parents. I shivered hard and looked around into the darkness wondering what was taking so long. It seemed like ages before the door slightly opened, when it was probably only a few seconds. I looked at her eyes; they were red and swollen, tears rolling down her face which held a surprised expression, "B-Blair?"

She swung the door open a bit more and just ran into me hugging onto me. I lost my balance and fell backwards into the grass, splattering mud all over us. She didn't seem to mind as she hugged onto me tighter then ever before, "Jamie.." I muttered.

She slowly let go and muttered sorry as she pulled me up from the ground, "Come on. You're soaked, you're covered in mud, and now I'm wet. We need to go inside before we both get sick," Her voice was soft and tendered. All I could do was simply nod as I followed her into her house dripping water and bits of mud everywhere. She helped me pull off some of my wet clothes dropping them into a basket. She stripped some of her clothes off as she grabbed onto my head leading me to the bathroom. I looked into the mirror at the both of us. My blonde hair wasn't so blonde anymore, covered in mud and grass. Even my face had smudges of mud on it. I couldn't help but grin as I looked at her.

She shook her head a little and let go of my hand as she went over to the shower and turned on the water letting it get warm before letting me get into it, "I'll be out in the living room when you're done.." I watched her not knowing if I just need to agree or what, "But.." I hesitated.

"But what, Blair," Her eyes meeting mine full of questions shined in her eyes.

Shyly I muttered, "You need to shower too."

She rolled her eyes and pulled off the rest of my clothes and I helped her with hers as we stepped into the shower. After we were free of mud, she handed me a towel and ran off to her room to get some extra clothes for herself and I.

We went into the living room after we had some clothes and curled up together on her couch, her arms tightly around me and I snuggled up close to her. I looked up at her a little, "So what do we do now, Jamie?" I whimpered a little, scared of what's to come.

She watched my eyes for a few seconds before answering, "I love you. We will figure out something. School starts in two days, and we can see each other then. We probably won't have any classes together, but we can have lunch and in between classes."

I nodded a little, "I love you." She shifted a little and leaned down slightly, meeting her lips with me, "I told you I wouldn't let go. We will make it through this."