Eloquence is the poetry of prose

-William C. Bryant

"Okay, so I know that I said this was your final draft, but because I am your professor I have the power to make this a second rough draft. So I'm going to take the…first letter of your middle name and you're going to read the paper of someone whose first name starts with that letter. Audrey-Laurette you will read Logan's. Logan you're reading Tanya's. Tanya read Nate's. Nate, take Carrie's, Carrie you read Audrey's," Audrey gives her paper to Carrie. Carrie is almost entirely jealous that Audrey gets to read Logan's paper. After all, she is the one who is devastated over her parent's breakup and she and Logan did hook-up a few weeks ago.

Logan sits in his chair in the back of the room waiting for Audrey to come and take his paper, but she does nothing of the sort. She just sits in her chair at the front of the room.

"Miss Marcoux, go get Mr. Dalton's paper," Audrey turns to face Logan.

"If he was a gentleman, he'd bring it up to me," she says in a coquette manner. Logan licks his lips in order to contain his laughter as he stands up and shakes his head at Mr. Hirsch. He takes a seat behind Audrey and starts reading Tanya's paper. This might be the first time that Audrey has disliked a book. She's not entirely sure how she could have disliked Lord of the Flies, after all it is a classic, but she barely wrote on her book, just a few notes, very few pages are dog-eared, and she didn't talk about the book for days after.

Golding's novel addresses the fundamentals of human nature. Through the isolation of his characters he manages to create a devolution of sorts back to the basic instincts and desires of man, dark though they may be.

Audrey looks up from Logan's paper at him. She's sideways in her desk as everyone reads silently and looks at Logan who is marking Tanya's paper. He feels her eyes on him and looks up at her, she immediately looks down at his paper again and he shakes his head and smirks. Tanya's paper is terrible, she's good in bed though, so he might have to tell her she's brilliant.

These basic human instincts pervade the short novel, and are present in it's opening as Ralph taunts Piggy. This socially unacceptable practice infects the band of boys and Piggy, though desperate for a civilized society is never referred to with a civilized name.

Audrey pauses and reads the sentences of Logan's paper again. Logan has been done with Tanya's paper for a good two minutes and has been dividing his time between flirting with Tanya from afar and watching Audrey engross herself in his paper. She looks up at him.

"It's good isn't it?" Logan boasts.

"It's brilliant," Audrey admits earnestly. Logan is taken aback by her praise. It's not that Logan doesn't usually produce A's, he just didn't expect Audrey's praise to be so forthcoming.

"It should be I spent a lot of time on it," Logan jokes, but Audrey is so taken by Logan's structure, tone and diction that she misses the sarcasm.

"Really? How long did you spend on it?" She asks tucking a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Two hours maybe." It's the truth. Writing has always been easy for Logan, it's because his father made him read all the time when he was younger and made him summarize what he read to make sure that Logan had good reading comprehension so that the could be a lawyer, and a damn good one.

"Two hours?!" Audrey asks incredulously. Logan nods as most of the students start packing up.

"Ok class, hand your papers back to the owner, hopefully you put in some constructive criticism and they're due on Wednesday, so make some changes according to your peers," Mr. Hirsch says sitting down at his desk.

"Your paper was really good Tanya," Logan lies to the pretty Hispanic girl.

"You thought so?" She asks almost giddy that Logan is paying attention to her again.

"Absolutely," Logan says giving her his knee-weakening smile. "Do you want to get lunch?" Logan asks flirting with Tanya partly because she's good in bed, but mostly to make Audrey jealous. Without looking at Audrey, he holds his hand out, "Audrey can I have my paper back?" Audrey has been almost deaf to their conversation, mostly trying to finish reading Logan's paper.

"I'm not done yet," she says. Logan turns to Audrey smirking. Finally, she's jealous and she's trying to spend some time with him.

"Well, it's not like you can add anything to it, it's already a damn good paper," he says sure of himself and winks at Tanya who lets out a little giggle.

"Maybe, maybe not, but I'm not done reading," she says firmly still trying to finish reading. Logan is distracting her with wanting his paper back. She spent so much time on the first page, she still has seven pages to go.

"Baby, would you take a rain check?" Logan asks Tanya as he and Audrey stand up and the three walk out of the classroom.

"I guess so," Tanya says feigning anger. "You'll have to promise to make it up to me," Tanya flirts bumping into Logan a bit. He smirks at her and puts his hands over her arms, stroking them gently.

"Of course," he says kissing her gently on the lips. Logan and Tanya pull away, she licks her lips and Logan notices that Audrey is already feet away from him. "I have to go, she's got my paper," he says taking off.

"Bye Logan," she says as seductively as she can manage. Logan catches up to Audrey and after about five minutes is frustrated, she takes a couple of steps and stops.

"Audrey please!" Logan cries.

"Sorry," she mumbles as she keeps on walking and tries to focus on his writing. He's amazing, she concludes. His writing style is so fresh, but structured, and he's really insightful. "Logan, this—it's beautiful," she says disarming him as they stop in front of the dining hall. "I mean—you just have this—and your word choice…" she trails off trying to find her favorite line. Logan laughs and ushers her into the dining hall.

"Come on, let's get lunch," Logan says grabbing a tray and putting in Audrey's hands.

"I can't, I have to meet Hayley," Audrey says suddenly aware of where she is.

"It's Monday, she has architectural design today doesn't she?" Logan asks. He knows because Dean usually comes back from that class pissed off because of Hayley. Audrey thinks for a minute and realizes that he's right. She's got class with Dean. She goes over to get some coffee and food and the two meet and find a table for two near the wall.

Logan praises himself internally for finally getting Audrey to eat with him. It's been a month since she got here and it's taken him nearly two weeks of non-stop flirting, and plots to provoke jealousy and finally she's eating with him. Audrey takes a sip of coffee and looks through his paper.

"Okay, so here, you're talking about symbolism and it's just really insightful, 'Desperate for civilization, Piggy clings to his glasses in the same manner that he clutches to order', I mean, that was one of my favorite lines…" she trails off and Logan shakes his head incredulous that she's still talking about his paper. Had he known that was all it would take he would've given her his papers three weeks ago.

"Audrey, class is over now," he smirks taking a bite of some food.

"I'm sorry, I know, I was just really blown away by your paper, it shows how much effort you put in," she says happily.

"I didn't put in that much effort, I skimmed the book, it took me an hour and a half to two hours to write that," Logan says nonchalantly.

"What?" Audrey says. Logan looks up at her horrified face. Every delicate feature filled with confusion and disillusionment.

"What?" Logan asks.

"You didn't spend a lot of time on this?" She's almost offended and hurt by it. Logan shakes his head. "You just wrote this up? You just sat down and wrote down these words, agglomerate, fraternity, institution, these symbols you just skimmed the book and took all of this out?" Logan nods again. "Why?"

"Why what?" he asks confused.

"Why don't you talk like this?" Logan laughs at her. "I'm serious, I mean you don't even have to try, you just have this eloquence about your writing, it's just so articulate and lucid, and expressive, and some of the best writers try so hard to have this ease and you have it, and you're wasting it, you don't even exploit it," Logan stares at Audrey as she goes off on him for not using this gift that she thinks he possesses. "I mean, I spent hours on my paper, and I'm going to study English, you're going to study government, you don't even like school and you don't try 1/16 of how hard I try."

"Babe, I don't try 1/32 of how hard you try," Audrey looks down at her food, suddenly not hungry. "What's wrong?"

"I just can't imagine how you can be this really logical, beautiful writer and not love it," Logan shrugs. "It just kills me," she admits. She fell in love with Logan the moment she read his paper and he just ruined it.

"Apparently," he jokes trying to get her to look up at him. She really did just want to discuss his paper. This wasn't romantic at all. "I'm sure your paper was really good too," Logan says trying to cheer her up. The truth is that he is sure of it. Audrey's eloquent and articulate in her speech she's got to be a kick ass writer.

"Yeah, but I put in hours of work, you just had a little sit down and wrote it and produced this," she says reverently. "You're squandering it Logan," she shakes her head and hands him his paper. Logan stares at Audrey.

"Okay so I'm squandering it, you think I'm so brilliant, go out with me. I know you want to go out with me, we flirt all the time, you give me looks all the time, you know I like you, I want to date you, and now that you know how eloquent I am, let's go out," Logan says point-blank. It's not that it didn't mean anything, Logan's starting to get desperate. Audrey's driving him crazy and he's not entirely sure that it's that he has actual feelings for her, but just the fact that she doesn't want him kills him. Audrey shakes her head.

"My life isn't really conducive to dating," she says standing up. Logan shakes his head incredulously at her.

"You know, there are two types of girls, the kind that want to experience life and the girls that are too afraid to. You're the latter," Audrey isn't wounded by his words, maybe she is too afraid, it's not his business.

"Don't feed me the egotistical bullshit you use on yourself to rationalize why I don't want to date you. The fact is that there are two types of girls, those that want to date you, and those that don't. I'm the latter," she says disdainfully.

"For now," Logan says much calmer than he was five seconds ago. Listening to Audrey only made him want her all that much more. "You're going to fall in love with me Audrey Laurette Marcoux, you'll see," he winks at her and sits back down in his chair.

"Don't hold your breath," Audrey says picking up her tray and walking away.

"Why would I? I'm not underwater," he yells behind him at Audrey who rolls her eyes and slams her tray down on the conveyor belt.

"Arrogant, egotistical, self-important, presumptuous, big headed…" Audrey trails off, muttering insults at Logan under her breath. She is completely torn between being furious at him for his arrogance and floored by his writing.

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