My flesh was tainted in red

Hidden by tan cover-up

That sparkled in the light

The scent of blood was disguised

By my vanilla scented perfume

But the mark's I had deserved

I have been trapped lately in fear

And in one night I found out why

Hands no longer obeyed

And words spoken betrayed

But beauty was coated in mascara

And a black evening dress

Light not too fancy

But excited him at best

I don't know what I can do

I'm full of such regret

And in my skin my blade made lines

Now mommy will see…

And I can't let her know

It's my fault

I let them down

But I thought I was supposed to trust…

But trust is what hurts one…

And what killed me.

Ashamed of the marks on my wrists,

I began to beat my arms

Bruises aren't as noticeable.

Nobody will care as much

My black sweater hides the discolor

Pretty collages on my arms

In the 100 degree summer heat

I am a fool.

God must have left me

I am in way over my head.

But what can I do

But lie awake in my bed


Trying not to…

Just sniffling.

Hoping my little sisters can't hear me through the walls

Or find me

Because that would be just as devastating.

My make-up was smeared across my face

Without shadows of demons dancing on the walls

Angels were crying

As they saw one once faithful slide away

Because she couldn't take God's test…

She wasn't ready…
And God thought that she could still live…

But he was wrong…