A/N: About my father.

Every Father's Day I made a card,
For a daddy who was never there.
Because of him I'm always on guard,
Afraid to show I care.

Every Birthday I'd dream,
That he'd send me a gift this year.
His lack of love ruined my self-esteem.
Now I wish I could just disappear.

Everytime I needed advice,
About problems big or small.
I never heard him say anything nice,
'Cause I never heard him say anything at all.

I tried to love him, I really did,
But I just couldn't forget the past.
He never loved me when I was a kid,
So how do I know this new love will last?

When he left my mom with out a second glance,
He left me behind as well.
He should of loved us when he had the chance,
Instead of putting us through hell.

I never wanted much from life,
Just that typical family cliché.
A daughter, a husband, a wife,
But I guess things don't work out that way.