A/N: Do not read if you're squeamish. I can't be held responsible if anything happens to you.

Female serial Killer

I'll find my target

The biggest, most powerful

Man in the room.

I'll seduce him.

Take him back

To my secret place

He'll think he's so lucky.

We'll talk, laugh

He won't notice

What I've slipped into his drink

And when he comes round

He'll be tied to my bed

His perfectly toned muscles

Are useless.

He'll see me some out from

The shadowy corner

He'll look at me

Eyes darting everywhere


Looking for a way out

And finding none.

He'll see my scalpel,

And those eyes

Will give me

The look they do when

All hope is lost.

My weapon touches

His bare skin.

He tries to struggle,

But it is pointless.

He knows he will die tonight.

"Don't worry," I say

"It won't hurt. Much"

My blade slices deeper

He tries to scream


His eyes roll back in pain


The finale

He twitches

Then is still.

I lick the blood from my scalpel.

My job's done.

For tonight

Tomorrow, though

Is another day.

Who knows who my next target is?

It could be anyone.

Even you.

A/N: I wrote this in character. Despite my penname, I'm not a killer, just someone with a morbid imagination.