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"mmmmm…." Yukino groans as Kaurou nudges her.

"Wake up… class is over." Kaurou whispers to Yukino.

Yukino jumps up and looks around, "Eh? Oh! Thank you.."

"No problem, but we have an assembly for students that want to stay." Kaurou laughs as Yukino stumbles out of her chair.

"Oh yeah? What for?" Yukino says as she packs her bag.

"Umm… not sure, but this really hot blonde guy in tight pants is the speaker." Kaurou winks at Yukino.

"Nooooo!" Yukino cries, "I wish I could go, but I'd have to go home and… oh wait, its Friday… hmm, okay, let me go put this stuff in my car." Yukino says pointing to her bags of textbooks and assorted school assignments.

"AND A SPANDEX SHIRT!" Kaurou shouts after Yukino.

"I'll hurry up…" Yukino mutters under her breath. "Are we allowed to have people like that in our school?" she nervously thinks to herself, and then sighs and thanks a higher being for the sake of Fridays.

Yukino looks out to the parking lot where little droplets begin to decorate the roof of the cars, "Great!" she says sarcastically to nobody in particular, and runs under a tree.

"Now all I need is to fall down a ho-", Yukino begins when all of a sudden she is cut off by the absence of ground under her feet. "-le?...HEY! WHAT'S THE BIG IDEA?! All I said was 'Now all I need is to fall down a hol-'" she is once again interrupted and lands in an area where there once used to be soil.

"KNOCK IT OFF!!" She shouts to the top of the hole she is now seemingly trapped in.

"Ugh… stop screaming." Moans a not-to-unpleasant voice.

Yukino spins around, "Who are you?" and squints into the darkness beside her. "Damn! There couldn't at least be a candle here?" she says annoyed with whoever is playing games with her.

Yukino then notices the candle that appears out of the darkness and hits her in the head. She bends over to pick up the candle as she rubs her head.

"OH! That's swell, being I can just pull out that FLAME from my pocket I saved last week!" She says to the candle, when it lights up.

"Who are you?" She questions the hidden voice.

"Needy girl, aren't you?" the voice gives a laugh.

"WHO-ARE-YOU?" Yukino repeats, louder, as if the voice could not hear her the first time.

"Dang, speaking LOUDER-AND-SLOWER won't help! Besides, what's with asking so many questions?" The voice says scornfully.

"And what's with not giving any answers?" Yukino says mockingly at the emptiness beside her.

The shadow sighs and answers, "I'm Seme." At this Yukino's eyes widen and begin to sparkle, "You're what?"

"Yeah, yeah, laugh. I'll just go up out of this hole now…" The voice seems to be fading upwards.

"OKAY! Sorry… whaddya want from me?" Yukino crosses her arms and waits expectantly.

"I need you-" The shadow says as he steps into the light. At this Yukino looks up at the figure and her mouth opens slightly as her eyebrows shoot up, "YOU…YOU…" she breaths out at the figure.

Seme puts his hand on his hip and rolls his eyes. "Yes, I'm a dog demon."

"YOU-You're blonde?" she finally finishes her previous thought, and then stood there while his words just hit her, "Wait… you're a dog demon?" she verifies.

Seme wags his tail and twitches his ears, "No, princess, I'm getting ready for Halloween."

Yukino tilts her head and informs Seme that his fly is open as he snaps his head down.

"I can't believe I just fell for… anyway… I need you," he says just to be interrupted quickly by Yukino, "To find a lost stone or jewel which is your power source?"

"…No." Seme says disgusted.

"Because I'm something more than a human and I'm the only one that can help you?" She gasps excitingly.

"…No." Seme says a vein clearly becoming visible in his forehead.

"…Well," she takes a moment to think and adds expectantly, "am I your reincarnated lover?"

"Ew. Hell no." Seme says quite annoyed and thrusts his hips out, "Who the hell do you think I am?"

"A dog demon..?" Yukino states, clueless.

"Yes… I'm SEME, NOT INUYASHA!!" He shouts angrily at her, then he adds, "I just needed a somewhere to stay for a bit."

"Because there's a demon trapped inside of you and you need to get it out?" Yukino breaths hopefully.

"I'M NOT NARUTO EITHER! Shoo! You're getting on my nerves." He waves a hand at Yukino. Suddenly Yukino notices that she's standing by her car, soaking in the rain. "Oh… Man that guy was gorgeous!" she says to herself and looks at her watch, "OH NO! I hope I didn't miss the assembly!!" and she runs toward the school not even noticing the sun appear as the rain proceeds to gather around her.