So SicK–

Everyday he's taking away an ounce of your heart, only one ounce but in a couple of weeks and days your heart will be gone; stolen; forever lost and abused (torn)(frayed)
"Like, just stop," you want to scream at him. STOP.
...bring it back, bring it back, c'mon, we're bringing sexy back, c'mon.

Ladies and gentlemen,
you see me here? standing, not even breathing, just ranting, yelling, screaming
"Like, just STOP!" but it's not like you're going to listen anyway so I'll just play along in your relentless and never-ending game.

You act as if I'm your barbie.doll, as if you can't hear me telling you to stop(barbies can't talk, you idiot) I'm just your little plaything (and I guess I see you as the ugly frog prince) but you ain't no prince, are you kiddin?!
I want to forget you and your face but that's all I see these days, twenty-four seven. (you don't know, you can't even imagine all the hate I have right now)
Can't you see? Can't you show a little mercy, a little sympathy? (What's WRONG with you?!) What's your problem, huh? (What do you want?)
Take my rich status away from me, okay, take my possessions and beloved belongings too(I seriously don't care anymore) but you will never even touch my heart – never.

Don't start getting cocky – I may have lost to you a number of times(too many to count) but one day,

You're going down.
That's right. You're going down.
You heard me.

A//N:: Again, another new writing style I wanted to try :)