This world moves way too fast for the eyes of a stupid virgin

This world stings so cold for someone who is so weak

Spiraling down

Everything I loved is on the ground or dead and buried

But what's the difference when you can't feel anyway?

My eyes are on the sky as you assault my senses

King of feel like I'm already dead

From the center I swear this day just got shorter

I think I'm lost in translation, no sense of direction

Walking like a blind man who lost his dog, I might

Just walk into traffic if you're not careful

Overflowing with this I can't breathe

I think I'm drowning in a sea of my own fears

Maybe I should have dealt with this when I had the chance

But it's too late now...

Rushing and spiraling, let's dance beneath the sky again

Let's dance until winter comes, when the days are shorter

Vanish in the wind, you'll never see me again

Sitting in the shadows beneath the tree in her yard

I think I'll wait for this pain to bleed itself out.