I lie
Itching to scratch and crawl
through the many miles that separates us.
My aching eyes pulse with every
Thought and beat.
Each pang that escapes
Reinvents again
The same as ever if not worse
Inside, (I dream of you)
Each night you walk
And I wake each morning
Numb yet with a certain
Ghost of a memory.
The sheets are tangled
Almost tattered in the battle
That might have happened
The night before.
Cold and gray I fall out of bed.
Your name throbbing in the air,
As if alive, I feel.
Haunted Fingers brush up the side of
My shivering shoulders
A whisper of warm breath is welcomed
against the tip of my yearning ear
And I hear again

a/n: just feeling missing and lonely. i thought this one was akin to the other in style so now they are together and chaptered. I don't really have a good title for this one, but i think More is very suitable for both. i feel like this one is a little incomplete, i think.. i might revise it later