Chapter 1

Michelle is an ambitious business woman and doesn't let anything get in the way of her achieving success. She makes no time for friendship and lives off one night stands. Michelle has a degree in business, and works for an accounting and investment company. The company she works for hired her at 19, at 25 she handle most of the major client business and now at 29 is one step from taking over leadership as the old man that hired her in the company's fledgling years promised that in his retirement she would run his company. Well retirement has arrived, but her dreams are about to get a whole lot more complicated.

Michelle leans against the bar looking at the women dancing provocatively. Nothing caught her eye so she drained her pre-celebratory drink and decided to leave. Tomorrow was the day her boss, her mentor, someone she has come to think of as a father figure announces his retirement and appoints her as CEO.

A girl moves up next to her "can I get you a drink gorgeous" was her line.

Michelle looked her over and grinned "won't you need ID for that"

"I'm 25" she announces

"Uh huh and I'm mother-fucking-teresa" she curses cheerfully

After much flirting the drinks were purchased and the young girl continued to hit on Michelle. Michelle had a feeling she had met this young girl before but couldn't recall and as the alcohol started to hit she didn't much care.

The pair stumbled into Michelle's expensive apartment kissing passionately while stripping their clothes all the way into the bedroom. The young girl pushed Michelle onto the bed and removed the rest of her clothing. Michelle head felt hazy and looked at the naked beauty and briefly hope to god she was of legal age to consent.

The young feline wasted no time on foreplay and was straight into Michelle. Her tongue flicking around inside Michelle's already gushing pussy.

"oh fuck baby do it….fuck me" Michelle encouraged while holding the girl's face into her crotch hard.

The trembling started and Michelle's orgasm echoed around the room, she passes out on her young lover.

Michelle felt herself being woken

"hey I really have to go, can you give me a lift sexy" the young girl asked

Michelle groaned and opened her sleepy eyes "I don't think I can move."

The girl sits on the bed next to Michelle and sticks her tongue into Michelle's ear.

Michelle pushed her away and got up. Michelle retrieved her pants from floor and grabbed her wallet. She pulled out $50.00 and handed it to her

"this should get you to where you want to go and breakfast."

The young girl took the money and wrapped arms around Michelle neck smirking

"thanks baby" she kisses Michelle and heads for the door

Michelle crashes back on the bed

"see you around Michelle"

Michelle moans her brain trying to kick in. She doesn't remember providing her over night guest her name, Michelle couldn't even remember getting the young woman's name either. Michelle groaned again as her head pounded, she shoved it under a pillow.