Michelle leans over and shakes Kate's limp body "Kate stop playing this is not funny"

Kate lay still. Michelle puts her ear to Kate's chest and listens. Michelle suddenly stands and steps back until she hits the wall slowly slipping down

Michelle puts hand over her mouth to catch her cries "oh fuck….oh fuck what have I done" tears start to gather

Michelle sat and stared at Kate's lifeless, naked body on the bed. She closed her eyes then opens again the image unchanged. She wanted Kate to just stop ranting, she never meant to killed her. Michelle silently sobs

After about an hour Michelle got to her feet and sat on the bed next to Kate. Michelle brushes some of Kate's hair back, leans down and kisses her lightly on the lips

"I'm so sorry Kate, I never meant for this to get so out of hand". Before leaving she pulls the blankets up to cover her.

Michelle creeps to exit and stops in the kitchen. She shakes her head feeling that rage return that had caused her to lose her temper with Kate. She removed large carving knife from the block and walked back.

Michelle looked down at her sleeping boss. Michelle screwed her face up thinking how the man she loves and admire could treat her like this. She shook her head at the thoughts racing and took a step back.

John's eyes flicker open "Michelle….what the hell" he started

Michelle in a rush of panic sank the knife deep into his chest. He let out a scream. Mary woke up screaming at the sight next to her. She ran for the door but Michelle jumped and grabbed her around the throat, ramming her into the wall

"please Mary don't scream I'm so sorry" cries Michelle

Mary's body went limp immediately, Michelle let her go watching her fall to the floor, the back of her head caved in. She looked around seeing John trying to remove the knife. Michelle went over and withdrew the knife and with no sound drove the knife in again and again

Michelle let the water fall over her body, her mind numb of the events. She looked at the floor, the water washed the blood of her surrogate family down the drain. Michelle collapsed to the floor and hugged herself, rocking back and forwards crying loudly.

It was 3am and Michelle had a roaring fire, she just stared mesmerized as she burnt her blood stained clothes. She eventually wrapped up the knife and buried in the small garden at the back of her apartment, then went to bed.

Two weeks later Michelle was celebrated by the company's board to take over the reins of the company.

Michelle thanked everyone and made a tribute

"Although I am grateful for all your support and confidence I am also saddened to take over because of the tragic circumstances. John, Mary and Kate were my family and I loved them all very much. I owe all experience to John's guidance. It still hurts that I have lost a great friend and I still morn him and his family. I just hope and pray that the authorities find the person or persons that committed this atrocious crime. Thank you again."

The board members and staff of the company clapped and cheered Michelle before dispersing back to work. David casually walked up as Michelle was putting away papers into her brief case.

"very touching speech" comments David flatly

"well it's how I feel"

David leans in little closer lowering his voice "you know I can't see you keeping this company moving forward Michelle. Times are a changing and well you have made no effort to change with it." Pointed out David

"Well I know what I'm doing, I've been taught by the best. If you have any input and ideas I am always happy to indulge." Michelle went to leave

"He was never going to let you run the company…. John was going to pass you over for me" gloated David

Michelle face went to stone and growled "Yeh prove it" staring David down.

David said nothing

"That's right David you can't…. It was recorded during last months meeting that I was to be John's successor. It was John who put me forward as his replacement when he retired. There is no mentioned of you." She growled

"Well he changed his mind" he growled back

"So you say and again I ask you to prove it" mocked Michelle

David thumped the table "how the fuck can I when he was bloody well murdered the night he told me"

Michelle dropped her heard as the night came back fast. She drew a breath "Yes well how unfortunate for you." Michelle left the office.

Michelle stormed into her office just as the sign-painter finished putting her name on the door of John's old office. She paced the floor figuring out what to do with David and his accusations. He would make a point every time something went wrong in the company back on her. She did not want to lose face with the company that she built.

She rang her secretary and asked for David to be sent to her room. Michelle feeling closed in opened the large window to her office. She sat on the edge and looked out over. She watched as the ants like size people below scurried about their business.

"Planning an early exit" scoffed David

Michelle smirked and picked up a pencil. "you know if you drop a pencil like this from this high up it has the potential to kill someone, something this small imagine that."

David moves to the window and leans out looking down "really and your point is"

Michelle eyes narrow as she pats him on the back causing him to jump back with fright

"easy there David, wasn't like I was going to push you out the window" she walks past him and smirked. She closes the door to her room and heads back to her chair.

"please take a seat David because I have some rather bad news about your position in this company."