Kisses from mommy makes it better

When you're two

And popsicles numb the pain of booboos

When you're five

Hugs from best friends stops the tears

When you're eight

Drawing pictures and simple walks

Clear your head

When you're eleven

But what happens when none of that stuff helps

When you're fourteen?

What happens when you forgot how to trust

And forgot how to love?

What happens when the chocolate does stop the saltwater from flowing

And the soda only stings your eyes more?

What happens when the pizza makes you feel self conscious

And the grease is only oiling your wounds?

What happens when you feel that love should leave you

And let go of your hand?

Like you shouldn't be considered "A Friend of God"

Any longer

Like you lost that title

But what happens when abuse isn't your fault

And the scars never heal?

What happens when you look in a crowded room

And only see the little girl crying in the corner?

What happens when beauty is found in scars and cuts

And perfection turns ugly?

What happens when nights become dreamless

And days turn restless?

What happens when melodies change to screaming

And the screaming soothes you to sleep?

What happens when a golden cross around a neck

Symbolizes death instead of life?

What happens when tear drops lighten loads

And smiles feel abused and ugly?

What happens when the life that you've always known changes?

And it's out of your control then.

What do you do with these changes?

How do you not fall apart?