Just a little ditty I wrote for a writing contest. Enjoy! Lucky's Charms

On St. Patrick's Day, Lucky, a curious brown spotted little bunny had an experience he would never forget.

Easter was just around the corner, but Lucky was a mischievous creature, and a hungry one at that, so he cascaded to the chocolate egg garden growing in the back yard. The Rabbit family was famous for their eggs so he knew at that point he was eating the most delicious, the most chocolaty egg in the forest. He popped one, then two, and then three in his mouth till the egg garden was stripped clean. Lucky licked his lips. He knew that his mother would be angry, but he figured he could deal with it later.

The little bunny was so bored (and filled with eggs) that he got up from his place at the garden to explore.

Lucky trotted to the forest where he found all the other creatures preparing their homes for Easter Sunday. Easter was the most celebrated holiday in the forest, so everything had to be extra perfect for everyone including the rabbit family. But in the midst of all the decorating and preparations, Lucky noticed one thing that the others had missed. A cottage.

It was made of red slats of wood with a smooth wooden door. "I've never noticed this here before," he said to no one in particular.

He wanted ever so badly to explore the cottage to see what was on the other side of the door. And being so little where no one can see you do anything, Lucky hopped unnoticed into the small little house.

The one room cottage was small and simplistic. Except for the leprechaun standing in the middle of the room, waving his hand over a huge bubbling cauldron. "Hey, wait, don't witches have those things?" thought Lucky referring to the cauldron. He imagined the leprechaun as a witch cackling over his brew and shouting a Gibberish spell.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Ahh!" yelled the leprechaun, shading the bubbling substance in the pot. "Ay yi yi, doesn't anyone knock anymore?"

"Sorry," replied Lucky. "So like I asked before: what are you doing?"

"Uhh…" clearly the green suited man was looking for an excuse.

"Making some… leprechaunish charms?"

"Wow-wee! Can I have some?" asked Lucky, brighting instantly.

"Will it get you to go home?" asked the leprechaun. Lucky nodded ecstatically.

"Knock yourself out," the leprechaun growled, throwing Lucky three random charms. "Now that there coin is the changing charm. You can be anything you want. The heart is the love charm. You can use it for any of your love problems or needs, and the clover is the lucky charm. It makes you have good luck or something… ohhh, will you please just go? I'm a very busy man."

"Sure thing, dude," cried Lucky heading out the door.

"And rabbit?"


"This never happened, kapeesh?"

"Kapeesh!" Lucky agreed.

"Wow, that was one weird guy," concluded Lucky when he was out of earshot of the leprechaun. "Oh well, he did give me some magical stuff." He held the coin as if it was a scepter fit for a king.

"Oh, you know what I've always wanted to be?

A bird. They have wings and beaks of all colors, and they live in the Amazon! Sooo… I wish I could be the most beautiful bird in the world!"

Ping! Lucky looked down to see what color bird he had become. One problem… he wasn't a bird, he was a leprechaun!

"What a rip off!" cursed Lucky. "I was supposed to become a beautiful bird, and what am I? A leprechaun! A no good, self absorbed, magic impaired leprechaun! I'm telling my mother about this!" Lucky ran on his newly formed feet to the rabbit den.

"But… but… mother!" wailed Lucky five minutes later. His mother and father refused to let him in the house. They couldn't tell that it was actually their son who had come to the door.

"No, you are not our son for the last time! Now get off our lawn," His mom yelled, looking down. "And stop soiling our welcome mat!" She slammed the door in his face, but opened it up again. "I'm so sorry that was very rude of me." She paused. "GOOD DAY!!!!" Then the door stayed shut for good.

"Oh, it's not fair," sobbed Lucky walking back to the place he'd left his charms. "Everything's completely wrong. I just wanted to be a bird. Is that too much to ask?"

He held the glowing red heart tight in his palm. "I'd really really love to be a bunny right now," he wished.

Ping! Lucky looked down. "Yay, I'm small again! Woo hoo!" He ran home to his mom and dad.

"Hey, mom, dad, I'm home!" called Lucky. He hopped into the kitchen.

"Oh hello, son! This weird guy in a suit came to our house and claimed he was you! Isn't that just freaky?" his dad laughed.

"Oh yeah, sure," Lucky chuckled. He didn't want any suspicious looks from his parents, so he went ahead and hopped to his room.

"Such a loving son," said his mother affectionately. She looked out the window at her egg garden. It was gone! "Hey, where did our eggs go? Lucky? Did you eat them all? Lucky? LUCKY???"