A Pondering

I wonder if obnoxious people know that people think they're obnoxious. When less obnoxious people do something obnoxious, they're usually aware of it, and apologize after their done with their rant or whatever they were doing. The giggling pair who sit in the back of the class, pretending to secretly share their thoughts, though they know everyone can hear what Josh did at Katie's party last weekend. Once you get the shy girl that sits next to you talking, however, she giggles and says, "Well, you probably didn't care about that, did you?" It's true, you didn't, but you shake your head and smile anyway.

The honest to God truth is that nobody really cares. No one wants to hear you talk about yourself, or what your dog did to that cut little baby rabbit this weekend. They act like they care, and some of these performances deserve an Academy Award they're so convincing. They're lying, though. For their own comfort of course, but it truly is a lie. The smile you get after you tell the story of when your little sister cut the cat's hair is just a lie. It's a good lie, though. Without those little lies the world would be filled with awkward silences. Without the lies these awkward silences wouldn't be able to be smoothed over or pushed aside. And without the lies, you wouldn't be able to find someone that really does care.

Yes, there is one person. For every person, there is just one other person that actually cares. A lover, a sister, or a friend. Not everyone finds this person. The people who are aware of the lies forget about this individual, because they assume that everyone is a liar. This, for the most part, is true, but with that one exception. This exception could prevent them from living their life alone, without real support or love.

The exception, if you do find him or her, is part of you. Your entire being, as you are a part of them, too. Of course, this grafting of souls is so natural, so inherent, that you do not realize this transformation has happened until it is already done, and by then, this being is so much a part of your soul that it is to late to change what you have become, not that you would want to try. This person is yourself, your conscience, your mediator, your everything. If you severed your ties with this person, you would be lost. This person has become your life over the course of time, and the prospect of a life without them is bleak. The individual who shared your soul is gone, and you have no choice but to follow soon after.

This relationship is not one-way, however. What this person is to you, you are to them as well. You are their protector and the one who feels what they feel. You are always aware, always watching out for them. When you do find this person, hold on, and hold on tight. They will be your lifeline and the sole being to understand you. Find them, and don't let go.


"They say a word to the wise is sufficient, and here I've gone and written five paragraphs." –Minister of Colonizition Hyrum Graff, Shadow Puppets

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