A/N: Shello, readers! Um, I had a sudden spurge oinspiration to write this story and well, did. You see, I just all of a sudden thought of this plot and made up half the story on the spot! It was just a bunch of rambled thoughts that I organized (like a normal, not sugar rushed, bi-polar acting, quirky, pickle loving author does) and I think the first chapter came out perrrrtttttyyyy good! But that is not for me to judge! Yes, and this chapter is pretty uber long if you ask me! It was like 14 pages! Uh, what else? I'm a goofy goober…yeah! Okay, yeah just read, alright?! WUV U GUYS!

P.S The first chapter is her P.O.V but the rest of the story may NOT be!! You have been warned!

Full Summary: Leena doesn't think any man should touch here unless it's her daddy or the doctor. And the truth of the matter is, she's not to keen on that either. So why does the boy with tousseled black hair and a gorgeous smile get away with it? He seems to really enjoy pointing out that she has a great butt and grabbing onto her ponytail. Oh, and to top that off he has that whole sulky emo look going on! Which to her is what a demon looks like with skin. God, he is such an ugly (not) Goth .Wonder why she hates new kids?


I've had a perfectly wonderful evening but this wasn't it.

-Groucho Marx

Why?! I would seriously like to know why I have been called a prude/bitch once again. I hate Paul! He's just bitter because in eighth grade he asked me out and got…REJECTED! I mean so what?! So what if I'd rather not have boys put their cootie clad hands all over me? All they do is get you pregnant…and God, what else do they do? Heartbreak! They are the kings of that. Oh, and spitting. Gross, Jack butts…

It's not like I don't get asked out and stuff but usually I make an excuse. Like one time I said my pet snake was sick and it was true! My dog, Socks chewed the head off of my stuffed snake.

"Leena, stop mumbling to yourself!" I tend to rant quietly out loud instead of in my head like a normal person. But hey, dare to be different right?

I glared at the phone I was 'talking' on, "Yo, you bite me!" Gumdrop laughed. I love this girl. Of course, her real name isn't Gumdrop it's Rose. But early on in our friendship she randomly shouted out, "I want a gumdrop!", and I sweared to never let it go. Tehe…As you can see I didn't.

"You wish Candy cane!" She retaliated with that name. All because I got a little high off a strawberry –flavored candy cane at last years Christmas Party. I swear to God someone spiked the punch! The girl is just hateful.

"My name is Leena." I said through gritted teeth.

She laughed and mimicked me, "My name is Rose." Rose huh? Hmm, I prefer gumdrop.

"Shouldn't you be calling all the new students in our grade?" I put on my best life-is-awesome voice "Ya know, welcome to Woodrow North high!"

"She chuckled, "Nope. All done." I flipped over on my tumoche (stomach and tummy combined). Yes, I make up words got a problem? Didn't think so!

"How many are we getting this year?" Rose. She was the picture perfect student. What with the straight A's and being on the Welcome Committee, Year Book Team, Dance team, French Club and Debate Team. She's a shoe in for any college she wants. And to top that off, she's gorgeous. She's got perfect curves, pearly whites to kill for, and flawless shiny reddish brown glossy hair. Ya know, kind of like those shampoo commercials. Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline! Wait, that might be makeup…? Well, you get the point.

"All together? Five hundred eighty two." For our grade? One minute let me check." I could clearly tell that she had put the phone down because of the loud clattering noise it made. One day she will break it. Dropping it on the floor like that…"Uh, 'bout one hundred twenty of them are ours. Go Sophomores!" She truly was a dork.

"Cool, I guess." I said, surfing through the channels on my T.V. TGIF for cable!

"Very, and guess what?!" I remained silent. Really what was the point of saying this? They never guessed right? Total waste of time.

"Oh, come on Leena!"

I sighed, loudly into the phone "You got eaten by a koala?" Now I could tell she was shaking her head. Oh well, she shouldn't have asked. She knows I'm weird.

"Uh, no you are a freak." In the words of Jazz (my idol)'I resent that'. "What I was going to say was that a good percent of them are boys!" She squealed. And…?


"And that means no more excuses! You said all the boys were either taken or not your type. Well, at least one of these new ones has got to be." How many times do I have to tell her? No boys!


"Un Momento, I have another call." I clicked over.

"Sup?" I asked into the phone. Which I think made me sound whiter than I did before. Hmm, and I'm black.

"Hey, sweets!" She's the queen of pet names.

"Sand! Thank you! You can save me from gumdrop!" I clicked her to hold on and then clicked back over to gumdrop.

"Sandra's on the other line. Hang up and I'll three way you."

"Mmmkay." She hung up and I clicked over to Sandra/Sandy/Sand Man.

"OOOOOOOOTTTTTAAAAYYYY. We're going to call Rose now." I dialed the number

"So what have you been up to, Candy cane?" She asked between rings.

"Uh, nothing much really. Laying on my butt and crap- Oh! I saw Cal yesterday."

She cut me off, I hate when people do that. Okay, I'm the person who probably does it the most but that is not the point! "Oh My God! I miss my Cal Pal! How is he?"

"He's good. Got a new girlfriend." I rolled my brown ewes. Cal, eh? How can I describe him…Gorgeous. Man whore. Friend. Most people would say I have an uber crush on him but to me a crush is someone you can see yourself dating. Cal would never date me.

"Another one?!"

"'Ello? Hey Sand!" I heard Rose's voice butt into our conversation. She was probably overly excited because Sandy had been gone all summer in Russia on some mission's trip with her family. Sand is probably the only thing keeping me sane. Because she's the one who is like the mother in our group. She'll rub your back and talk to you when you feel like crap but then occasionally she'll be like, "I want everyone to sit down and shut up!" And I'd be crazy not to listen to Sandazilla! GRRRR! Sandy is really pretty too. She's model height with pretty shoulder length black hair and not to mention her million dollar smile that lights up her mahogany skin tone. That's one thing that gumdrop doesn't have…HA! She's pale as heck!

"Will you quit chuckling to your self, Leena?!" I guess I was laughing out loud… "This is the second time in twenty minutes that I have to tell her to stop acting like a maniac! I-I can't handle it – I mean her anymore Sandy…you-you do it!" Rose yelled

"Baby doll, you really can't do that after tonight. People at school will think you're a freak-" I cut her off this time.

"They already do!"

"Yes, but let's not push it,eh?" I grumbled something under my breath and they continued to talk and I continued to get lectured like a five year old. Dang them!


"Cal…Mmmm…...Don't stop." His hand skimmed over my body as I moaned loudly in his ear.

"You're so beautiful!" He managed between breathless kisses as he began lifting and setting me down on top of his desk, sweeping off books in the process.


"God, I love you baby!" He yelled as I kissed and bite at his neck. He began to remove my shirt and unclasp my-


Black lace bra. Tossing it over his shoulder, he attacked my lips with his own. I let his tongue glide over the rough of my mouth as I began to unbuckle his belt. I clumsily fumbled with it until he grabbed my confused hands, "Let me do it."


"Leena, wake up!"

Ugh, she always wakes me up when I finally get to the goods! The door flung open and in stepped my cousin, Jen. People said she was like an older version of me. We're both black haired, lanky and dimpled. I guess maybe a little. But she's about an inch taller, and her skin a few shades darker than mine. Her boyfriend calls her a Hershey bar brown and says it's beautiful!

But you know what I think?! I think it's really weird to compare someone to a candy bar and then insist that makes them beautiful. People don't think about these things before they say them…but I do…

"Leena, stop holding your breath!" She sighed and then said, "Did anyone ever tell you how psycho and deranged that is?" No, what is deranged is you waking me up at…6:04 in the morning! Oh, hamburger helper no! I'm trying to cut back on the cursing as you can see, because I kind of have a potty mouth and or sailor's mouth.

I snuggled up into a little ball and rolled over and off the bed. Yes, it hurt but it woke me up so I will continue to do that.

"You freak! I hope you hit your head one day." She mumbled to herself about how I should clean up this pigsty. This is my room! She walked out MY room and closed MY door behind her.

"Oh yeah?! Well, Fork you!" Bulaga butt(A beluga is a type of whale…I think…?) If anyone is wondering I am still on the floor. To me the floor is more comfortable than my bed. There is more room and I just prefer to be down here. You probably don't care, do you?

I begin to crawl out of my bedroom and to the bathroom. I do the shower thing and towel off. I crack open the door of the bathroom and look out suspiciously. I forgot clothes. Again. I'm going to have to make a run for it. I throw the door open and run out. I throw my arms above my head and scream for bloody murder as I run down the hallway until I reach my room.

"LEENA! SHUT UP AND GET DRESSED! NO ONE WANTS TO SEE YOU RUN AROUND IN THE 'FREAKIN NUDE!" I heard my older brother yell at me. He thinks he's so cool just because he's a senior and is the 'star wrestler'. And girls don't dig those things anyway! Well, not me at least.

Now to get dressed. My jean shorts were getting a little to tight. Usually a zero would fit me with room to spare but over the summer I ate too much and my butt got some much needed attention. Not much, but a good amount. YAY BUTT! Now, I'm a tall zero or a one. And no, I'm not anorexic. We all can't have a body like Beyonce! Shirts were easy for me. Two words, tank top. Today, it was red with words written in black that said, "Can't Touch This!" And on the back, "MC Hammer is God!" (Sorry, Jesus! It's just a shirt. You know I love you!) It was getting a little small on me and showed a quart inch of my stomach. Great, now I'm going to be yanking on it all day.

Hair. Eh, straightener much? My hair was perrrrrtttttyyyy long for a black chicks but the truth is I don't deserve it. I should take better care of my hair but it takes to much time! I had a sloppily cut layered style with too long bangs that went directly over my right eye. It sat well around my face though.

Candy Bar Comparison: My Caramel face. Tehe.

My phone rang and I continued to comb through my tangles. I waited to the second to last ring and then dove over my bed, grabbing it.

"Sup, babe?" I asked

"Hey gorgeous…get ready. I'll be there in about two minutes." Rose said, "And look cute. For me?" I was appalled. I always look cute. My cute just wasn't mini-skirted or make-uped.

"Ah, jerk!" I yelled, scoffing. "I look good!"

"I'll be the judge of that! Now get your butt out here. First day of school! So happy!" The line went dead. I hate that too.

Let's make a list:

I hate…

1.) Boys. GRR!

2.) People who cut me off.

3.) My nickname.

4.) Cream cheese (hate the stuff)

5.) First day of school

6.) People who hang up on me.

About two seconds after she had hung up on me I heard a loud honk. That's my cue! I ran out the house only stopping to yell "Bye jerks!" Rose sat there in of course, gorgeous new clothes. A blue cami with a white lacy thin shirt over it. Her shorts were also white and from what I could see longer than mine….Wow, I'm a slut. Mine are almost booty but I thought that she would probably be wearing some too but low and behold she's not. DOOM ON YOU! The weird dodo birds shout…hehehe I love those birds!

"Hey, babe!" She greeted, and then she looked me up and down "Hmm, well at least you aren't wearing those ugly sweats." I glared at her. Oh, yeah?!

"I resent that!" I said, as I got into the car. She's a little older than most sophomores are obviously. Started kindergarten late I guess.

I turned on the radio to my favorite opera station and started to sing along, "OOOOWAWWWWAAAAAA DEEE DUMMM LALLLLLLL LAAAAAAA!" She frowned at me and changed the station. I hate that rap crap! chuckles That rhymed!

I pulled my legs up to my chest and wrapped my arms around them. I hate Gumdrop!I should have known the real reason she wanted to come to school early is because she wanted to watch her boyfriend play basketball topless. Pervert. So now I'm sitting on the outside courts bench as Rose is leaning against the fence around the basket ball courts and flirting with her block head beau! And eek! He's sweating all down his chest…drool I mean, um gross! I nuzzled my head into my knees and screamed.

"Eh, yo! What's wrong with you, girl?!" Ben asked me from across the court.

"Don't speak to me!"

" -Insert bad word-" Ugh, he really irks my nerve That Ben! I outta-OWW!

"Oh my god! Who threw that?!" I yelled jumping to my feet and sucking in my teeth.

"My bad, sweetheart!" I turned and glared into the direction where the voice came from. Who just called me sweetheart? I ain't his sweetheart!

"Don't. Ever. Call. Me. THAT!" I screamed stomping my foot and looking straight into light green eyes. Topless boys suck butt!

"Give us back our ball, SWEETHEART!" I put my foot on top of it and smiled slightly as I looked down at my chucks.

"Go to gell!" I wish I wasn't trying to cut back on cursing.

"You really are crazy. You really are fuc-" Okay that's it. I walked over to him.

"What the hamburger helper is your problem?!" I yelled as he pried the ball out of my hands

He laughed and threw the ball at one of his stupid topless friends. Probably his gay lover… "You need anger management." I punched him in the arm. It's okay people I've known him since kindergarten. "Oh my God! I just got punched in the arm by a five foot five chick! I'm so scared!" I know I'm immature but come on! I stomped my foot and punched him in the stomach. He hardly moved and I could tell he was flexing by how hard his abs got. Trust me I've punched him in the tumoche before he's not that buff. "Ow…" He whispered, with a smirk.

"Ugh, I should have never given you half my cookie in Ms. Golden's class, you jerk!" I walked back over to the bench, grabbed my bag and made my way into the school.

"I hate, hate, hate hate, hate those 'freakin' ugly boys!" So my anger has caused me to go back to talking to myself but whatever! I dropped to my knobby knees and crawled over to a pair of lockers and leaned against one. I dug around in my back pack and fished out my Ipod and then slipped the earphones into my ear. These things were seriously annoying! I flipped to my current favorite song. Which at the moment was that semi-popular song The Great Escape by Boys Like Girls. Last week it was Hands Down by Dashboard and the week before that it was Sorry by Maria Mena. I plan on it being a Liz Phair song or maybe a song by that one group Papa Roach. Yeah, they're good.

"LEENA NICHOLE SUFFERS!" I heard a voice yell out my name, "Get your butt up! Class starts in two minutes!"

I jumped up and karate kicked at the air…I'm sorry but she scared the shiznit outta me! I then looked at who had woke me up, "Sand Man!" I jumped into her arms and hugged her so tight that I was expecting her to pop like a balloon! Preferably a red one…

She finally ended the hug and smiled at me, "Hey, babyface!" She said, "I love you and you know it but I will see you later in Mr. Waller's class right?" I nodded and then pouted. I hate that man. He was tall, smelled like rotting soup and always had boogers! And he was racist! Well, okay no he wasn't racist but he hated me and this Asian dude. "And this year let's not call him racist and get sent to the principal's office…"

I threw my arms into the air, "He started it! He told me that my views on the war in Iraq were not 'well thought out and rather silly'" I said in a doopy kind of manly voice. "And Billy Swartz basically said what I said and got a B!"

"Okay, Leens, fine. Just get to class!" And she then took off running to hers. She was lucky she had Art first. I had math and I didn't like my math teacher either. He was an ex-army general thing or something and spit when he talked. And he loved yelling at poor innocent me!

"I WILL! I'M NOT A BABY!" I will get to my class after I go to the potty.


Do you want to know where I am right now, dear readers?! I am sprinting down the hallway trying to not get to my class too late. I'm maybe eight minutes late! He's going to bite my head off with his big vampire fangs!

I flung the room's door open and curtsied, "Mr. Pat" That was his last name. I'm not kidding. His name is Randolph Pat. "I am so so so so sorry!" He looked at me, sighed and then motioned for me to come in

"Ms. Suffers…tisk tisk…you are late." He circled around me as I followed his eyes. What a creep. "Some things just never change. Do they?" I decided to let him rant about what an irresponsible student while I examined my nails. "DO THEY?!"

I stood up straight, "Sir, yes, sir!...Oh, wait…" I messed up, didn't I? I bite my lip as the whole class began laughing at me. I death glared at them, "Shut up!"

"Leena, baby will you marry me?!" A boy in the back yelled, "I need a women with attitude!" I smiled at him.

"No, what you need is a muzzle, mother-"

"That is quite enough! You detention!" He pointed to me and then at the boy who was cat calling. "You talk to me after class!"

"I was just going to say mother pooper!" He shook his head.

"Sit down!" I did but very loudly. I scribbled in my purple notebook about how much I hated him and then looked up. Someone just pulled my ponytail…! I turned around slowly and my jaw dropped.

Emo kid? He was smirking at me with twinkling deep blue eyes. Well, eye. His right eye was covered with a mess of deadly straight jet black hair that swooped over his forehead. His skin was a bit pale for someone who lived in our state…I eyed his wardrobe. A black sweatshirt with the words, "Unwritten Law" sketched onto it. I guess that was a band or his mother's name…Anyway the hood of it was over his head.

"Hey I'm Shaun." He held out his hand and I only looked at it. I don't like this Shaun kid. He smiled when he realized I wasn't going to shake it.

"What do you want?" I whispered, glancing back up at the board where Mr. Pat was writing something with his back turned. Hehehe , he had chalk on his butt!

Emo kid shrugged, "Nothing."

"Then why did you touch me?!" My voice rising, "Do not touch me. I bite. I swear I do. Touch me again and I will bite you."

"Is that a promise?" He asked, smirking deviously.

"It's a threat, love." Emo kid laughed and moved his desk up closer to mine.

"Too close! EEK!"A billion heads snapped in my direction. Well, maybe thirty. Wow, that was loud AND stupid.

"Ms. Suffers! Why have you screamed?!"

"He's too close!" I yelled, pointing to emo kid.

"He's perfectly fine-"

"No, Emo kid is to close!" Mr. Pat slammed his fist down on his desk.

"Leena, I have dealt with you very graciously! Last year you really should have been suspended for your outright disrespect! I will tell you now," Ew, ew he's spitting like a sprinkler! "One more outburst and you are going to the principal's office! "I smiled.

"Okay, I'm sorry." He took a deep breath and turned back to the board. "Baldie…" I looked back at the clearly amused boy. I puffed up my cheeks and narrowed my eyes. "This is all your fault!" I whisper yelled.

"Emo kid? I'm emo? Wow, I never knew that! I prefer Shaun though."

"I don't care what you prefer, EMO KID." He smiled showing me gorgeous pearly white.

"You are certainly not a sweet candy cane." How did he-?

"HOW DO YOU KNOW MY NICKNAME?!" I shouted at the top of my lungs, standing up.

"MS. LEENA-" I cut off baldie.

"I know, I know! Princapals office…!" I grabbed my bag and notebook and started walking out the class. But not without mouthing for the emo kid to 'go to hell' before I left. He put his hand to his heart and mouthed, "I'm hurt!" pouting a pierced lip. I glared and said. "Good!"

Let's make another list:

I hate….

1.) Boys. GRR!

2.) People who cut me off.

3.) My nickname.

4.) Cream cheese (hate the stuff)

5.) First day of school

6.) People who hang up on me.

7.) Mr. Pat and his spitting self!

8.)Emo kid! I hate him the MOST!

Over the River and through the woods to the principal's office we go! I began skipping down the hallway. Why am I not scared? Because the printapal (yes, the princatal) loved me! Last year we bonded big time. I opened the office door and then leaned against the secretaries' desk. "I need to see the printapal, Ms. Samuels. I got in trouble."

"Oh, Leena! What did you do this time?! It's the first day of school, sweetie." I looked down at my feet and kicked at the air nervously.

"Mr,. Pat hates me and an emo kid touched me so I yelled at him…" She nodded knowing there was more, "And well, you see…the man spits when he talks and ugh! He hates me just because I'm loud!" Ms. Samuels shook her head once again and ran a hand through her pretty brown locks. She could only be around thirty and she treated me like her little sister.

"Okay, let me talk to Mrs. West first and then you can afterwards." She stood and then motioned for me to follow her into the office.

"Hi, Mrs. West! Long time, no see!" She put a file into her cabinet and then turned around and looked at me.

"Ah, Leena!" She said, throwing up her hands, "What did you do this time?! I really should just keep you in here as a pet you're here so often." I smiled at her, and then took a sit in a big chair.

"Julia, she says Mr. Pat hates her.-"

I nodded and swiveled in the chair, "Which he does!"

"And that he spits when he talks-"

"Mmm hmmm that too!"

"And what's the word you used Emu?"


"Oh, and a emo kid touched her…"

"He did! He touched my ponytail and then he tried to be my friend! Oh, and he knows my nickname!" I looked at Mrs. West who had her hands on her hips.

"What Candy can?" I nodded and then pouted, "So you're mad because a boy was flirting with you?"

"EWW! He wasn't flirting with me!" I yelled, "He was annoying me!"

"Flirt, annoy same thing with guys. I know they can be idiots who can't take a clue but, you can not disturb the class like that." She picked up a piece of paper, "You were yelling?"

"Yes, I was." I smiled, calmly.

I sat at my usual lunch table and gulped down my third helping of ketchup covered French fries…Mmm soo good! I was having a wonderful time until I felt a hand hit me on the back of the head.

"OWW! Rose, you're mean!" I yelled, grabbing the back of my head.

"And you're a moron! First fucking day, Candy cane! FIRST DAY!" I stared at her questioningly and then it came to me. Oh! I looked over at Sandy and puppy dog pouted. She only hit me too! What is up with these people?!

"I told you to be good! How many days of detention..?" I popped a French fry into my mouth and shrugged.

"She might of said two days or two months…" With a sigh, Sandy sat down next to me and Rose followed.

"I hate you. What did you do?!" Rose asked

"I yelled at Emo kid." I said simply. I hate Emo kid…

"Who the hell is Emo kid?!" I looked up and smiled. Katie. "Hey ya'll!"

I jumped up and hugged her, "KATIE! KATIE! KATIE!" She cackled loudly and it only made me laugh harder. Her voice was raspy and so was her smell. Don't you dare ask me how someone can smell raspy but she does! Like raspy lavender…It's smells quite good!

"Hey, Leens!" Katie is my best friend since seventh grade. Me and a girl got into it and she helped me not get my 'ickle wickle booty kicked' as she so eloquently put it. I could have taken that chick.. She was around my height and had big soft curls of blonde hair with streaks of brown. I bet you're wondering how come she just came into the picture? Well, because she just got to school like maybe twenty minutes ago. She got back from Tampa and then came straight here.

"Hey Katie! What's up?!" Rose said, scooting over to give her some room. She shrugged and then pushed her side bangs out of her blue eyes. "Can you believe this girl got sent to the office already?"

Katie looked at me and then sighed, "Leena…" I gave an apologetic shrug. "Now who is Emo kid?"

"That would be me." I clenched my fist and then looked at him. Look at him smiling. Look at him standing all cool. Look at those jeans! How does he breathe?! They almost look painted on and those big bulky shoes he wore only made them seem smaller. He had stripped the sweatshirt off revealing a dark baggy blues shirt.

"God, go away!" I yelled and whined at the same time.

He shook his head, and fake sniffled, "You just keep hurting me." Katie looked at me and wagged her eyebrows.

"Hubba Hubba…" She whispered to a laughing Sandy. EWW! He's not attractive! Okay, well maybe a wittle…I was so busy glaring I didn't notice his hand slip between me and Rose and grab a fry.

"Hey, Give that back!" I shouted, and then jumped up.

Sandy rolled her eyes, "Here we go." And Rose and Katie nodded in agreement. What is this piss Leena off day?!

Emo kid put the fry between his teeth and then smiling said, "Come get it." My cheeks flushed and I eyed him angrily

Sandy nudged me, "Go get it."

"I'd rather starve." He shrugged and flipped the rest of the fry into his mouth.

"Okay, starve." He grabbed the rest of my plate and began eating. MY FRIES!

I shook my head, "I'm not starving." He gave me an 'Oh really?' look and put another fry between his teeth. I got close enough to his lips that I was actually able to feel his warm breath on my lips and then I laughed. "Stupid emo kid..." I mumbled as I kneed him in the balls. I don't think it hurt very much because I've never kneed anyone in the nuts before and had no clue to where to aim at except for between the legs. His eyes opened wider and I grabbed the fries as he grabbed his balls. Tehe. I put a fry in my mouth. "I should call the cops on you! Making suggestive comments at a lady! I am appalled!"

He smiled and then shook and stood up straight, "I'm sorry, baby. But that didn't hurt much."

I shrugged and stuffed some fries in my mouth, "Maybe because you don't have much to hurt."

He scoffed and then looked me in the eye, "Believe me, I do."

I rolled my eyes, "Yeah right."

"I could prove it…"

"Or you could go away." He laughed loudly, and then flicked his hair out of his eyes only to have it fall back.

"Eh, yo Shaun!" A loud voice yelled to him. His head snapped around and he rolled his dark blue eyes.

"What, Brandon?!" Why did he seem so annoyed?

"Who's the chick you're talking to?" Why did he care? I looked over at who was yelling. He looked like a blonde version of emo kid. But he wasn't as tall, his voice wasn't as deep and he wasn't as attractive. Yeah, he was cute but….YES! I ADMIT! EMO KID IS HOT! WHO CARES?! I know you are all going -insert evil smirk- I knew she liked him. I do not!

"Leena Suffers…! Why?!" Ugh, why did Emo kid have to say my last name? Leena Suffers. It sounds like I'm dying! Oh, yeah you know that Leena kid? Yeah, she suffers a lot. Wait a doggone minute! How does he know my last name?

"Do we like her?!" Was he seriously asking him if they liked me?

"Yeah, Leena's good people." He looked over at me and smiled, "Yeah, she's good people.


A/N: So guys, whatchu think?! I know Leena's a flip flopper in emotions, kind of a spaz, immature, loud and slightly random but that's the way I want her to be. And I know Shaun/Emo kid is somewhat of a jerk and latched onto her really quickly but there is a reason and purpose!

P.S I have nothing against 'emos'. I'm can't help it if my leading lady does!

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