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Lewis Carol

(Alice in freakin' Wonderland kicks major boo-TAY!)

"Okay Leena calm down—No! I'm not letting you use anymore mouthwash!" Sandy yelled as she grabbed the open bottle of mouthwash out of my hands. "Will you chill?" Laughing, she dumped the rest of it out while I struggled to catch some in my mouth.

"Yes, please chill. You always overreact and it's really starting to wear old on me." Rose said examining nails while sitting on the sink next to me.

I looked up from the sink where I was hacking out minty mouthwash and yelled, "Doom on you AND your village then!" She could be a bit more supportive. I mean, all I ask is that she agree with my disgust for Shaun and help me with my plan to destroy his entire future. "I don't need you anyway, loser!"

"Oh, shut up."

"No, you shut up, you big fat baby!"

I took in a sharp breath, "I am not fat."

"Big. Fat. Baby." She separated the words for emphasis and thought I might faint so I did the only thing I knew I could do at this point.

"KATIE!!" I screamed and rushed over to her, "Did you hear what she said to me? The jerk."

I laid my head in her lap and she stroked it, "Leena, stop being a brat." Okay, what is up with these people?! Do they not realize how hurt and violated I feel right now? I mean I was just…mouth molested and no one is helping me or even offering to take me to a clinic to get tested for the diseases of the lips that all these teens have today. I sound like my grandmother…

"You know I really can't believe you and my brother have the hots for each other. That's somewhat disturbing…" Ev trailed off looking into the air while running fingers through her blonde hair.

"I do not like your gothic brother!"

"Since when was Shaun gothic?" Sandy asked, spinning around in a circle. I think she drank a little something because she's a bit out of it right now.

"He's not, we're Catholics."

"Then why does he dress like a devil worshiper?" I asked, honestly perplexed. Don't Catholics were those things on their heads? No, that's Muslims…

"Oh, it was a parting thing between him and some of the other guys where they all died their hair different colors but he always dressed like that." She snorted, "Mom was so freakin' pissed. She thought she had lost her 'son of the savior'." She took a drink of her soda and cackled, "Mom was a drunk."

Rose eyed her strangely, probably thinking the same thing I was. It must run in the family. "Anyways, I believe that you should really just talk a deep breath, have some water, relax and GO GET HIM!" Rose said and pushed me straight out the door and low and behold, right into Ems.

"You know if you wanted to know about me you could've just asked." He said, smirking.

Crossing my arms I rolled my eyes, "I don't know what you're talking about." I said, shaking my head.

"Well, I was just passing by and I heard you earnestly trying to figure out my life story." He crossed his arms to match mine and smiled even wider. "I mean I know you find me fascinating but there's no need to stalk me."

I sucked in my teeth," I don't have to sit here and take this." I tried walking back into the bathroom only to be yanked back by my belt loop and right into his chest.

"Hey. Don't be so mean. I was just joking."

"I don't like jokes." I spat out, pushing at him.

He chuckled, "I should really write that down somewhere." Shaun whispered in my ear as he gently turned me around in his arms. "That little peck we had wasn't good enough for me, okay? So I'm going to kiss you know and you'll tell me if this ones better for you too…"

"No…" I whispered looking into his eyes. That's your defense?! Punch him! Kick him in the head! Do something, anything! C' mon!

"Yeah." He put his hand on the back of my head and kissed me so lightly that it didn't even feel like we had even touched lips and then he stopped, "Actually I've decided I'm not gonna kiss you for real unless you really want me too. I don't want this to be one sided anymore. So you either like me or you don't, Leena. No more games." Woah, I hate this seriousness. Where's the old stupid horn dog Shaun I've grown to hate.

"Uh, okay."

"Okay what?"

"No more games."

He smiled and then planted his lips firmly on mine and I think my heart momentarily stopped beating. This was all too perfect. This was only my third kiss. My first one was at my eighth grade graduation with Cal. We snuck behind the school and I flopped down into a puddle of muddy water. I stood up and bumped my head into his and then we stopped suddenly and BAM! We smashed lips and then pulled apart really quickly. All I remember is there was an awkward silence and then a nervous giggle and we held hands for the rest of the night even underneath the table at dinner.

Okay back to the subject at hand! Anyways he gently backed me up against the wall and mushed his fingers into my hair while his lips were sending me into oblivion. He was gently biting my bottom lip—which at first made me jump but then felt oddly wonderful. I couldn't even believe this was happening.

It was unreal and wonderful and—" Stop!" I gasped, pushing at his shoulders to make him let me go.

"Wha—What?" he asked, looking almost identical to I think I looked at that particular moment. His lips were gorgeously pink and his hair ruffled from me toying with it.

"I…" what was I supposed to say?! We were just making out on the wall of a party and this to me was my real official first kiss and it was on the wall of a party. I couldn't even believe it. "What is wrong with me?" I whispered. I looked at him once more and walked off. What the hell was going through my mind at that point in time.

Crazed Leena: DUH! He's hott! With a double 't'!

Sane Leena: Oh no, not you again.

Crazed Leena: Yes, now listen closely young grasshopper and listen good. YOU LIKE HIM!

Sane Leena:Do not! Do not! Do not! LALALALALALA! I'm plugging my mental ears!

Crazed Leena: You know what? I'm done negotiating! Poof! Be gone!

Stalking off towards the front door I slammed it shut behind me. Once I had exited, my mind was running all over the place. First it ran to the fact that I was freezing. So I yanked my band tee-shirt down over the strip of skin that was showing. Pssh, like that helped. Then it shifted to the fact that I was standing barefoot on cracked concrete because I took my shoes off in the bathroom and never bothered to put them back on and then finally to the fact that I just kissed a guy and then ran off for no good reason.

"Oh dear." I grumbled looking down and wiggling my bare toes.

"Leeeeeennnnaa!" I heard Katie whine in her southern drawl.

Relentlessly I yanked my body around and yelled, "WHAT?! My toes are cold and I'm not exactly in the mood!"

"Here, I got em'." Ev said, followed by Rose.

"Where's Sandy?"

"Making out with Shaun."

My heart dropped, "WHA--?!"

Rose crossed her arms, "AHA! You have failed the test of Rose! I knew you liked him!"


"You got jealous! If you didn't like him you would of just been like whatever. But you had this enraged look on your face like this," Twisting her face to mimic what I supposedly looked like she laughed, "Leena, you like him a whole bunch."

I sorta wanted to deny it but truly what was the point in that? I'd been Bamboozled, tricked…found out. "So?"

"AWWWW!" they all shouted in unison. I hate chicks. Katie jumped up and down and hugged me. "That's so sweet! I knew it, I knew it! I just knew! I could tell! I mean the way you guys were and--"

Pushing her out the way Rose stepped forward, "Yeah, yeah okay Katie you win. We get it. Now, what are you gonna do about it Leens."

I plopped down on the steps of the porch and shrugged lamely, "Nothing."

"Nothing?" Ev asked, confused.

"Nothing." I repeated.

"Then how's he gonna figure out you like him too?" Rose asked. "You GOTTA tell him."

I felt a body a lot bigger than any of theirs sit behind me and wrap their arms around me. Assuming it was Cal I grumbled, "You smell different. Better."

"Well, thanks I guess." I jumped.

"AH! I HATE ALL OF YOU!!!" I yelped and twisted in his arms, "Why didn't anyone tell me?!" I asked, "Get off me!"

He laughed and I felt his chest rumble, "Why? You know you like me."

Manipulative Bastard.

"So?" I whimpered out. I really have a sad ass life, truly I do.

"Come walk with me." He whispered against my neck.


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