My Sexy Boy

The sun is out today.

Just can't seem to make these feelings go away.

I'm scared but yet hopeful.

Afraid of loosing you and your love.

Want to stay and keep it this way.

But we know there's going to be some changes.

We both have been through a lot..

But I'm right here.

Don't be afraid to shed a tear in front of me.

Because you are and will always be my baby.

You're my baby boy.

My one and only sex toy.

I love you with all my heart.

Never want to be apart.

Loving your style and your pretty smile.

Loving the way you hold me.

Loving you and all that we do.

Want to make this last and forget the past.

Let's make some new memories.

And full fill our sexual fantasies.

I can be your nurse.

I can heal your wounds and cure you of any disease.

Baby boy let me get close to you.

I want you to be my boo.

You can be my prince.

My happy ever after.

Less tears and more laughter.