Some Girls


Some girls wish at every given moment in time,

For all the things that could make them happy,

Money, boys, good grades, hope and success,

But the outcome will always be just as crappy.


Some girls are hypocrites and hate the world,

They label every person they come across,

Geek, nerd, poser, preppy and punk,

They don't give people chances, it's their loss.


Some girls stop caring and don't give a shit,

Everything slowly starts falling from their grasp,

Schoolwork, family responsibilities and friends,

They're crashing and falling hard with each gasp.


Some girls are fickle and change their mind,

They never know what they want out of life,

Yes, no, up, down, left or right,

Then their headaches end up giving them strife.


Some girls make bad choices and big mistakes,

But they don't start over and clean up their act,

They cry, complain, scream, bleed and scar,

They just lie there on the broken floor cracked.

A/N: Wow. So I pretty much haven't written in a long time. I'd like to use the excuse "I've been pretty busy lately" but that's not the whole truth. I just didn't know what to write about. But I've been thinking lately about how some girls act. And yeah. I came up with this. I told one of my friends to finish it off for me since it didn't look complete to me. He came up with this.

then i packed my bags and ran away

to come back another day

It was the thought that counts. :D R&R? xoxo.