-1White Picket Fence

Follow me to a place I call "Illusory"

Walk with me through the gallows of my every broken dream

And if this makes you too afraid

Just remember what I say

"We're always safe in what is fake"

Take your shelter from a broken world

In my self-designed delusion

I'll protect you from the truth that hurts

In exchange for your collusion

We can make ourselves a past

With a passion unsurpassed

This isn't the first

And it prob'ly won't last

But at least we can have a blast

If we just act fast

We can make up memories

We can share our thoughts about everything

It's just as simple as telling me what you need

I can be your insanity

Because love is

a fiction

love is


love is


love is


Love never makes sense

At it's most intense

So lets make nonsense of it

I'm not asking you to love me

I'm just asking you to fake it

We can build us a world based in mutual trust

Then the love is what you make of it

We'll take our shelter from a broken world

In our perfect self-delusion

It'll protect us from the truth that hurts

In our ecstatic state of confusion

We can write ourselves a pact

Granting everything we lack

It's far from the worst

As a matter of fact

We might even make it last

If we don't hold back

because love is

a contract

love is

an impact

love is

a sex act

love is

an abstract

Love's opening up

To feeling in love

Then making up whys and whens

And love is