A/N alternates between the two starting with Lana

She was close, very close. Our noses were almost touching and I could feel her breath ripple across my face in hot waves. I couldn't help thinking of feeling that hot breath against my neck, and down my chest, exploring my body. I kept remembering the day that I fell asleep against her, and how she had felt so warm and safe. I wanted to feel that again. I desperately wanted to be close to her again. My whole body was on fire burning with the desire to move, to break the stalemate, but I was transfixed by those endless brown eyes. They saw right through me, and from her expression, they liked what they saw.

I don't know how we got there, inches away from who knows what, but there we were nevertheless. I couldn't move. I was terrified. Every inch of my body screamed to take her in my arms and caress her every inch of skin, but I stood restrained by fear. I was afraid that she didn't love me, afraid that I'd been so very wrong, I was afraid of loosing her for good. But that didn't stop me from thinking about her, about us, about what we could do. The tension between us grew, and the heat caused by just our locked eyes was enough to raise the temperature in the room several degrees. As I stood there all I could hear was her voice, "Never knowing is worse than never being loved."

She reached out tentatively and brushed my hair from my face. I closed my eyes and savored her touch letting it send shivers down my spine. She leaned forwards and gently kissed my neck. I could feel her warm, wet lips, lingering softly upon my skin. I sighed and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her close. She moved up my neck and kissed me gently on the forehead.
"Lana…" She barely whispered.
"Yes?" I replied.
"I ask only that you stop me before I cross the line." She said.
"If that time comes," I said sliding my hands down her back to her ass, "I'll let you know."

Her touch made my fears disappear. I closed the final distance between us and at last tasted her sweet lips. They tasted like strawberries. I pulled her closer for a deeper kiss and opened my mouth to her. She slid her tongue playfully into my mouth. It wasn't until that moment that I truly appreciated the fact that she could roll her r's. I moaned with pleasure.

When she kissed me I could scarcely breathe. It felt as if she had touched my very soul with her lips. After the fight I had just witnessed I was surprised she was so gentle with her kiss. I breathlessly broke the kiss and held her tight. Vera's strong arms held me tight. I sighed happily and nuzzled her shoulder.
"Saefon?" I said after a little while.
"Hm?" She said as she stroked my hair. I grinned,
"Let's get out of here…"