A/N: Inspired by two quotes. One by the real life Rogue: "I love it when men get up on their white horse and defend a woman's honor! It's so cute!" And the other from the movie Dirty Harry (as quoted by my English teacher): "Feel lucky, punk? Well, do ya?"

A/N 2: This was supposed to be chapter four, but it doesn't matter.

Disclaimer: Still HalfbloodLycan's characters (although Guy the creeper is mine—oh joy. And so's the bar!).

Warning: Gratuitous use of the word "wench."

Dedication: Chivalric guys because even if you can take care of yourself, it's nice to get saved once in a while.

Chapter Three

SCENE: A random bar called The Trumpeter. Three of our dear friends sit around a table near the bar. A guy sitting at the bar itself turns around.

GUY: Hey, girlies. You shouldn't be out here on your own…..(all slightly slurred)

ROGUE, SOHREA: (glare at him)

VERA: (sarcastically –her normal state of existence) Our esteemed male companion is currently in the bathroom.

GUY: (not listening) You're too smart for my tastes (to Vera) and you're sure not my type (to Rogue), but you, girly…(to Sohrea)

SOHREA: (gives him a completely disgusted glance of total loathing of even the very stool upon which he sits)

ROGUE: Seriously, get lost. We're not even remotely interested.

GUY: I wasn't talking to you, but to your pretty little friend. Whadda ya say, luv? Will you ditch your "male companion" for me?

SOHREA: When he gets back, I'll sic him on you!!

ROGUE: (aside) Actually, honey, I wouldn't back on that…..

GUY: (laughs raucously) I bet I could take 'im! But, come on girl! Can you handle me?

SOHREA: (getting angry) Get lost, creeper, or so help me I will hit you with a chair!

GUY: (laughs again) Feisty, eh? I knew I'd like you!

ROGUE: (getting seriously angry) Alright, get lost!

GUY: (finally sparing the raging woman a glance, complete with raised eyebrow) What are ya going to do to me?

ROGUE: Beat you, if I must!

SCENE UPDATE: By now, the majority of the bar is watching this little scene play out.

GUY: (laughs, then addresses Sohrea again) Come on, girly, we're creatin' a scene. (makes to lead her out)

SOHREA: (kicks his shin)

GUY: OW! What was that for, wench?!

SAAVEDRO: (returns from his sojourn to hear simply this) What in Heaven's name is going on?

ROGUE: This arse-face is bugging Sohrea.

GUY: And it's none of your business, punk, so steer clear! Go back to your drink and mind your own business!

SAAVEDRO: (stands by the table with an eyebrow raised)

GUY: (suddenly laughs) Oh, so you're the mysterious "male companion" of these fine ladies! Well, you were gone a little too long, I'm afraid. You can just bugger off and let us by!

SAAVEDRO: (does not move)

GUY: What, you gunna fight me, punk? Well, let me tell ya, I've learned plenty 'o tricks off the back streets in my days! Anyhow, (looks Saavedro up and down) you may be tall, but you're pretty skinny…I might've known anyway. You're the type these girls who can't handle my kind would hang 'round with—though, mind, she's a pretty little wench—but you? Just one of those upstart boys with nothing to speak of when it comes to backbone.

VERA: (because she can't help being a little cliché) Shouldn't of said that.

SAAVEDRO: (eyes narrow to a glare and he's suddenly right up in the guy's face, yelling at him) You shut up! I HATE it when people say that!! And so guess what you're going to do! You're going to leave me alone, and leave THEM alone, and especially leave HER alone because she's smart, and funny, and pretty, and nice, and YOU'RE not even fit to-to breath the same AIR so GET OUT or I WILL MAKE YOU!

ROGUE, VERA, SOHREA, GUY: (all blink)

GUY: Oh, yeah?

SAAVEDRO: YEAH! (bodily drags the guy out of the room)


SOHREA: (smiles)

VERA, ROGUE: (look at one another) White horse!!


A/N: Yeah! Too bad this is fantasy….but at least that means "guy" doesn't exist!