For A month
I knew something was going on
You made me believe you
And drug it on

You kept me around
Without one taper
Waiting for him
To get his paper

I am shocked and hurt inside
I can't believe it is you I see
Not Kristen That I love
So different than you used to be

You never were a cheater
I can't figure out why
What is wrong with me?
That you'd want some other guy

I asked you to leave me
If you ever cheated
You always said you loved me
And this was repeated

You told me you wouldn't do it
It was not your ways
Then you did it
For 31 days

You lied about where you were
You made me believe your lies
I wish you weren't like this
I wish I had seen it in your eyes

But I guess I wasn't good enough
Though I gave it my best
That's 5 years of memories
I have to put to rest

So enjoy your relationship
The one built on lies
Cause without a strong foundation
A relationship dies