You are my sweetest downfall, i loved you first.

I loved you first.

And when she holds you like a baby and combs your hair, you'll know that it was me first, baby, it was me first.

Baby, put that toothbrush down and take a good look in the mirror. Can't you see me, just there? Sitting on the toilet seat and smiling up at you? Tell me, does it make you sad? Will you paint her nails silver, like you did mine?

No, 'cause you'll remember that day when i told you that it would never be the same with any other girl but me,

and you said "yeah" and looked me in the eyes like you meant it.

You'll remember me, darling, you'll remember me

and i know it. You'll cry when you think about all those times when I would do crazy things

like trying to commit suicide, and you would come, my savior in plaid pajamas, yelling at me and begging me to just stay with you. And I said yes, and climbed into your arms and would have kept saying yes for a lifetime. But then you brought her into the picture and ruined our delicate masterpiece. and she made you believe that you deserved better, and she burned all our pictures and poetry and she threw out anything that could remind you of me. I put my hand on your heart that day, before she made me walk out, I put my hand on your heart and knew that she couldn't take out the pieces of me that I had left to stay inside you.

one day baby, when you are tired of her blowing her second-hand smoke in your face,

you will look at her and you'll think that she is beautiful, but that is all.

she wont smell like iced coffee and cinnamon, and you wont find loyalty or compassion in her. instead you will find manipulation,

and she will smell like betrayal. and you will wonder why you ever let me go. i will still love you then

(i always did)

but I will laugh in your face and tell you that

I've tripped over you too many times to walk in your direction again.

then I will kiss you with the finality of goodbye and slowly let you walk away, with my taste in your mouth and a heart breaking with every step you take.

you are my sweetest downfall. I loved you first, baby.

I loved you first.


a/n; yes, i did steal the line from Samson, by Regina Skeptor, and also a quick thanks to The Asylum and waffles for simple inspiration.