Wish you didn't lie
I am sorry it ended this way
But you made the choice
I wish we could go back in the day

I guess I just have to let it go
You have made it very clear
You are not who you were
And never really wanted to be here

I wish you didn't keep me hanging on
I wish you didn't lie
I guess it's time to be strong
Trying not to cry

I will always remember
Good times and the bad
You have a place in my heart
I will learn not to be sad

You taught me a lot
I hope you got the same
So take it easy
It's all just part of the game

I hope you find something
I hope it was worth my pain
Maybe you will remember me
Maybe it wasn't all in vain

I will always remember
Who you used to be
And the love we had
Will always be a part of me