Friendly Freaks
Our Farewell

Chapter one: The Story of a Girl

My name is Kali.

I'm one of your average sophomores in high school - average life, average home, average everything. I get decent grades generally, I work at the local movie rental store as a cashier, and I have a best friend who means the world to me. When first learning about this, most think I'm going through life easily.


In my school, I am known as a loner. I'm not part of any groups and I really don't even have a group of close-knit friends. It's just me - and my best friend, Zelda - going through high school with very little companions. Now, don't get me wrong, I love Zelda with every part of my being - she is my other half - but I've always wished to be part of a crowd, a clique, a gang - anything. Granted, I want to keep my individuality and just be myself, but… it would be nice to have more people to talk to. I'd like just a few people, a small group of individuals working together to beat this world in its game to create a mass quantity of clones.

To be honest, though, there is one particular group in general I'd love to stay away from: The high and mighty, brightly colored idiots known as Preps. Now, granted, not all of them are bad. I've met a few that were decent to me - though it never went past decency - and I keep my good opinion on them. But there are others that just make me want to constantly twitch out. Seriously, some of them make me want to throw up in my mouth in the middle of History.

All of this is probably making me sounds like a stereotypical bitch, but what else do you expect when they are the main cause of my misery? I've been teased, pushed, taunted, and just plain beaten by this sort since Elementary School when I showed up wearing Sailor Moon T-shirt. Or it may have been the time I told one of the popular girls in the first grade to 'Go suck sand' because she had pushed me off my swing. I, of course, took revenge by pushing her off the swing myself. Though it didn't end too well when I ended up sitting in playground parking lot alone as punishment -- all because that tattletale decided to go tell a teacher. It was most likely that moment where things in my school life turned for the worse.

In truth, all the hurtful things that have been done and said is what pushed me into becoming one of those loners that sits alone in the cafeteria. Thinking back, I never wanted to become one of those types - the type that eats alone because their best friend is home schooled. And, yet, here I am; one of them and as alone as ever. Joy for me, right? I don't think so. As already explained, I'm just one of those girls who have always been there; the one who has never fit in. It's the sad, sad truth and reality of high school.

Getting past this depressing stuff, I'm sure you want to know more about me, right? Well, even if you don't, you are going to find out anyway.

My full name is Kali Lee Matsumoto. I'm a sixteen year old half Japanese, quarter Irish, and quarter Russian girl with a small family. My mother is fully Japanese while my father is half Irish, half Russian. Strange combination, I know, but that is just how it works. My parents are "together" - notice the quotations - in a sense that they live in the same house and share bills. Both of my parents are diligent workers - my father being head of a prestigious law firm and my mother being a surgeon. It's always a moment of luck if the two of them are in the house at the same time -- if they are ever at home, that is. My father is always on business traveling here, there, and everywhere. It's a miracle if he ever remembers what day of the week it is; he has a secretary for that. As for my mother, well, she works about fifteen minutes from home. You would think that she would be home often, right? Wrong again. It's actually rare if she is home. She works so much that normally when she does get the chance to come home, I'm at school, sleeping, or over Zelda's home. I haven't seen her for three weeks now - my father for two months. Some may think this is a factor to my loner status but in all honestly it's what makes me crave the attention all the more. When it comes to siblings, I have none.

As for looks, I can't even really say I'm average there. I'm sort of strange looking, I think. I think I'm about 5'5" in height and I weigh about one ten. I know, I'm basically a skinny thing - don't get me wrong, I eat like a pig and horse together - but I've always had a high metabolism. Whole problem with this is that I have little body fat on my body, making me seem gangly. I have no curves, no ass, and certainly no breasts. Oh, how I so enjoy being a stick. My hair is another strange thing - pencil-straight jet black hair, falling a few inches below my shoulders with bright red highlights gracing different strands. Some may thing that's a normal thing for some kids - the whole highlight thing - but not when you hair is pure black and the vivid, red highlights are natural. It's always funny when I get asked by people when I am at the mall how I got my highlights to show so brightly; not to mention all the stares I get from old ladies thinking I'm just trying to rebel. My eyes, almond shaped and bright blue, stick out quite intensely on my pale, ivory white skin. To be honest with you, I blame this all on my parents and the fact that some heritages just don't mix.

I've always, always dressed how I deemed felt right to me -- whether that would be going out in snowsuit in July, wearing shorts in the winter, or dressing up as a renaissance prince. And no, that is not a typo. But generally I try to keep to a simple look - all black - and I stick with it for a while. Sometimes I'll have the occasional spurt in which I'll actually want to wear bright colors. Sometimes I'll do a black and rainbow thing - gay pride all the way, baby - or maybe some sort of blue. I also love to wear jeans, though not those skin tight ones that leave you picking at the camel toe you've got up your crotch. That is never fun; trust me when I say been there, done that.

My job is a completely different area of discussion. I work at one of the local movie rental places - Rents 'R us - and I can honestly say I'm pretty happy there. It's generally a quiet place where the only people I see are the regulars of older adults, people who live right near the border, or the occasional Gothic kids who go to my school. I think the only reason the Goths come here is because we have the biggest selection of horror movies this side of the state. Still, we don't have many customers, but enough to keep the place open. I work mainly on the weekends, but also on some of the weekdays. It all depends on my random schedule and just how many people can work that week. I always work alone since the boss - a strange, older woman by the name of Serena - knows I can handle myself. I've been working there since I could get a permit at fourteen and I've been renting movies practically since I could talk. That's probably the reason I acquired this job so easily.

All in all while my life may seem bad with the being tormented by people and the lack of parents, it's really not all that bad. I may not have many friends or family, but I do have Zelda and her parents who seem to love me as much as they do her. It may not seem like much, but it's the best thing to me.

Plus, since my parents are never home as I've already explained, I need to have a source of income other than my own job, right? Did I forget to mention that both my parents have given me credit cards - linked to their own accounts, of course - to use to my own pleasure to buy whatever the hell I wanted?

Yeah, life wasn't such a bad thing.