"Emma, that doesn't go there"

"Where does it go?"

"I don't know, but it doesn't go there"

"How could you know that?"

"It don't look right"

"Evan" I yelled

"What" he yelled from inside the house

"Come help us, Edward doesn't know what he's doing."

"What makes you think that" Edward said from underneath the branch.

"Since you just said you didn't know" I said annoyed

"If he doesn't know what makes you think I'll know"

"I thought maybe you were smarter then him" I said as I climb down.

"Come help us, we were suppose to do this together" I yelled to Evan

"I didn't agree to this" he said as he made it outside.

"Yeah Emma, I didn't agree to this either" Edward said as he sat down on the floor

"I would have thought that since this is your house, and this is going to be your baby brother's tree house that you guys would at least help" I said as I took off their father's glove.

"Well you should have asked us first" Edward said.

"I give up, tell your mom, I would die before I ever work with you guys" I said as I opened the backyard's door.

"Aw don't say that Emma, we just don't want to build a tree house" I shook my head

"You know you love us" Evan yelled as I walked across the street to my house.

Edward and Evan; I've known them my entire life. Our mothers were friends before we were even born; they talked about having kids and raising them and in the long ran it did happen that way. They bought house near each other and decided to name their kids starting with the letter E. I don't know why E, I asked my mom once and she said that they pulled it out of a hat. Megan, Evan and Edward's mother had Evan first, and then came Edward and in the same year my mother had me. I was the only child my mother was able to have, I was never sad, since I had Evan and Edward to play with. I grew up with them, I loved them.

Evan is 22, at the moment; he has stunning blue eyes, big lustful lips and short black hair. Edward is 17, like me. He looks so much like his brother, but in a cuter, or must I say sexier version.

"Emma, come on, my mom's going to be here any minute, she'll kill Evan and me" I heard from out side my window

"Good you guys should die" I said as I looked out my window to see him standing in front of my lawn.

"Come on, don't be like that" he said as he was getting closer to the house

"Stop, your going to step on the flowers, my dad, will bring you back from hell and kill you with his bare hands" I said my eyes popping out of their sockets he laughed

"Alright, alright, I keep forgetting your dad is a lawn freak." He said with a laugh

"Well, it takes a determine person to keep a lawn looking this good"

"Yeah, well are you coming or not"

"Fine" I climbed out my window

"Are you going to catch me?"

"Yeah hurry, Evan is starting it already" I got to the edge, closed my eyes, and took a step.

"You know you are such a freak" he whispered into my ear. I smiled his breath send shivers down my spine.

"Let's get to it" I said as I ran to his house.

Ever since Evan put worms in my pants, I had found a liking to Edward. Evan was the type of guy that would be with you for a few days and then dump you in a blink of an eye. Don't get me wrong he's a nice guy; he's just not boyfriend material, even though girls throw themselves at him. Edward on the other hand, was nothing like Evan. He was the type to stay with a girl for months and then end it when they both feel it's the time. It's weird how his past relationships ended with no girl crying. It was like he didn't drop them until they were ready to be dropped. With Evan every girl cried. Edward was the one I wanted, but I couldn't have. He was my friend, he was like family. I couldn't bring myself to change things.

"Emma hand me the hammer" Evan yelled

"Where is it" I yelled back

"Behind you, you idiot"

"I don't like this name calling" I said as I gave him the hammer

"Sorry, I just can't help, but tell the truth" he said with a grin

"Ha, laugh it up buddy" I said as I began to think of a plan to ruin his day.

"Oh, Evan she's getting the look" Edward said

"What look" I asked

"This face" he said as he mimics my face

"I don't make that face"

"Yeah you do, you do it every time you're thinking of a way to destroy Evan's life" I smiled

"Oh no, Emma, stop, I have a date tonight"

"Again," I said annoyed

"Yes, again, she's really hot, isn't she Edward"

"Yeah, she is, what happened to what's her face, Becky"

"She's with her family, you know before school starts again."

"Aw Becky is nice, why would you date someone else while you already have someone" I said as I sand the wood.

"Because I'm God" he said with a laugh.

"Why can't you go out tomorrow?"

"Why would I if I could go out tonight"

"Because we were suppose to spend tonight together before school starts on Monday"

"Why not tomorrow"

"Because you idiot, you'll be getting your things ready to leave and we have to get ready for school. It's going to be Sunday after all" I said as I stopped to look at him

"Emma, I just can't bail in the last minute. Why don't you and Edward spend the night together and then when I'm done with my date I'll go over and stay there and when we wake up we can pretend I was there the whole time"

"It won't be the same; I can't believe you would pick a chick over us"

"Did I mention she was hot?" Edward laughs.

"You're not helping" I said as I hit Edward.

"Emma, lets finish this and then I'll spend five minutes with you guys then I'll go on my date"

"Fine" I said defeated.

Evan was going to a collage not to far from here but, it wasn't the same, I remember when he first left, Edward and I slept in his bedroom. We missed him that much; now not so much since he comes very other weekend, but it still would be nice if we spend a whole night together.

Edward and I were starting our senior year. I'm glad I had someone to spend it with, if it weren't for him, I would be alone. You see every girl in school hates me. None talk to me, no one wants to sit next to me, and I never got invited to sleepovers. I was the odd girl out. Why? You ask, because I was best friends with the McHale brothers. I was not a tom boy, yeah I played sports but I still acted and dressed like a girl. It was hard to get a boyfriend for the fact that, Evan and Edward would attack the guy, who asked me out. I did have a couple just like Edward, but they all seemed wrong. I didn't like them, I just would agree because I would feel bad if I refused, if I would hurt them in anyway. I don't like hurting people, especially there emotions.

"There we're done" Evan said as he wiped the sweat off his forehead.

"We did good" I said

"We" Edward and Evan yelled

"Yeah, we, I sand the walls, and handed you your hammer" I said with a smile

"Emma, you just sand one wall and you didn't even do it right"

"I tried" I said with a pout

"Yeah you did, now come on, we should clean up" Edward said putting his arm around my shoulder.

"You guys clean, I need to get ready for my date"

"You're still going" I said

"Yes, don't worry I'll try coming early" he said with a wink

Edward and I cleaned the backyard, and sat down on the floor when we were done.

"I wish we had a tree house when we were younger." I whispered

"Yeah me to, it would have been fun"

"Yeah, we could have camped out"

"Yeah" he said with a laugh



"You should, go clean up your room, I'm going to take a shower and be there at 9" he said and walked away.

I knocked on her door, her mother smiled at me as she opened it.

"Hey Edward, you guys staying up all night"

"That's the plan" I said with a smile

"You think Emma will stay up for long?"

"Let's just hope so, I don't want to end up talking alone." She laughed

"Well she's up stairs, I'll send up some cookies in a bit"

"Thanks, Mrs. Brooks"

"How many times have I told you, call me mom" she said as I walked up the stairs

Emma had the whole second floor to herself, since she was the only child. Her parents slept in the bed room down stairs as she sleeps in the master bed room up stairs, the room that faced mine. Upstairs there were two rooms and a bathroom. The second room was her dark room. Yes Emma was a photographer. She loved taking pictures, it was her gift.

I knocked on her door…

"Come in" I opened it and laughed she was laying down on her bed, her head dangling from the edge, looking at the TV, upside down

"What are you doing?"

"Watching TV, what does it look like?"

"Like your crazy." I said laying down the same way she was.

"Did he leave?"


"Jerk, I had plan this night out with the three of us, how are we going to play Twister with only two" she said as she sat up

"Why don't we just play connect four" I said, she smiled that great smile of hers

"That's a great idea" she beamed beauty…

I understood why the girls at our school hated Emma, it wasn't because she hanged out with us, it was for the fact that she was Emma. She was beautiful, her light brown hair long and flowy, her hazel eyes always shined no matter what, her face seemed flawless and her lips always seemed to have a smile on them. Her body was never like normal girls, she was always more develop, which made girls hate her even more.

"Edward, do you think, I'll make a friend this year" she whispered into my ear as a commercial played

"You always make friends" I said looking at her

"No, I mean girl friends" she said her eyes staring into mine

"Yeah, I bet you'll make one by the end of the week" I said with a smile, she smiled back

"I hope so" she said as she looked at the TV.

I looked at her and sigh, hoping she didn't…

"Ed ward, I'm tried" she said after we had played connect four watch two movies and jumped on the bed. It was already 2:30am

"Why don't we lay down" I said as I pulled her under the covers

"Okay" she whispered, I closed my eyes and held her in my arms



"This will be our year" she whispered my eyes shot open, I looked down at her, her eyes were already closed her breath steady

What did she mean this will be OUR year?

The door opened, Evan took his shoes off and threw them toward the corner.

"Sh, she's sleeping"


"Yeah, you know she could never stay up later then two" I said with a laugh

"Move over would yah" I scooted over, my arms still around her body.

"How was your date?"

"Fine, she was no different then the others" Evan sighed

"Why don't you just stay with Becky, she seems nice"

"She is, I just don't think I'm ready to just get into a relationship" he said

"If you say so"

"Yeah, well, why don't you just ask this one out?"

"Sh, she might hear you"

"She won't, and you know it, why can't you just ask her"

"I can't, it'll change everything"