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WARNING: This story is not suitable for younger audiences. This story contains graphic sex, and strong language; viewer discretion is advised.

A howling wind raged through the tall, spindly grasses, laying them practically on their sides. Rolling black clouds crashed and roared overhead, warning those in the fields, and the pastures of the torrents of water about to come down, beating and soaking the earth with such fury it could not be stopped.

The farmer hurried his best horses into the barn, tying them down, and giving them enough food and water for the night, and perhaps the morning, if this storm didn't clear up, just like the weather girl on the radio said it wouldn't.

And the first drop hit the dusty earth, exploding against the dirt road, leading up to a small, and yet sturdy farm house. And then the torrents of water were released from their fluffy looking prison, and came hailing down on the small farmlands, beating the crops, and brutalizing the livestock, unfortunate enough to be stuck outside.

And from the small, sturdy farmhouse, an orange light was glowing through one of the windows. A silhouette was in that window, sitting on the ledge, watching the rain, and watching the farmer come running from the barn, up the hill, towards the house. Leaving the ledge, the figure wandered over to the front door, and waited.

The front door flew open, and a tall man clad in a plaid button up shirt, and blue jeans, with work boots stumbled in to the kitchen from the miserable outdoors.

"Cold, daddy?" Alice giggled, holding a towel out to the man who glared at her. Her father snatched the towel, and immediately began viciously trying to rid himself of the freezing water, clinging to his body, and dripping off his face onto the linoleum floor.

"Damn 'orse," He snapped. "Stupid fuckin' thing wouldn' come," He growled, toweling off his dark brown hair. "Miserable ol' son of a bitch, is what 'e is, eh?"

Alice simply smiled at her father's ramblings. "I went into town today." She announced, leaning against the wooden kitchen table, attempting to get his mind off the miserable horse.

"Oh," He asked, tossing the wet towel into the laundry room, down the stairs. "How was it?"

"Oh, it was fine," She sighed. "Unfortunately I ran into Lou-Anne,"

"Now," Her father, Rick, sighed. "I know you two girls don' like each other, but, honey, be nice."

"I was nice, daddy." Alice cried indignantly. "She wasn' nice to me!" Rick smiled and touched his only child softly on the shoulder.

"Honor thy neighbor," He preached with a smile.

"Daddy," Alice sighed. "I don' even think God likes Lou-Anne..."

"Alice," Rick scolded. "First of all, don' speak of our lord like yah know him yourself, and secondly, God loves all of his children..."

"He don' love whores..." She grumbled, looking at the floor.


"Well he don'!" She cried.

"Alice, go to bed..." Rick sighed.

The teen turned and wandered down the hall, muttering to herself all the while; various passages in the bible that insinuated that God, truly, did not like women of the looser variety. Lou-Anne's jeans were always far too tight, and her tops were too low, made to show off her hefty cleavage. Alice looked down at herself, taking in her own figure; wide, wide hips, a very narrow waist, and medium sized breasts.

Sighing, she walked down the halls, passing the portraits of various men and women through the ages; some religious figures, and some members of her family, over time. And one painting that always caught everyone's attention: a painting of a strikingly handsome man, sitting on the side of a spring, with naked women in the water, said to be nymphs, reaching up to touch his face...

Her mother had picked out that painting years ago, and had just fallen in love with it. Rick kept it up on the wall to remind himself of her, Alice assumed. She was glad. She rather liked looking at it. It reminded her that her mother, though a southern farmer's wife, was still cultured enough to enjoy exquisite art. No one thought that people that lived in their state, Tennessee, could enjoy things like art, and good music, and fine wines.

Passing the paintings, Alice slipped into her room, and sighed, sitting down on her bed, staring ahead at the wall for a moment. Reaching up, she took hold of her jean jacket, and slipped it off her shoulders. Tossing the piece of cloth unceremoniously to the ground, Alice stood and began to remove her white t-shirt, and then her plain white cotton bra.

She had once asked her father if she could have a prettier bra, maybe something in satin...and maybe that intense red that those girls in magazines wore, and looked so beautiful, and perfect... She had received an hour long lecture about the importance of virginity, and purity, and how if she wore such things, men would think that she was loose and no nice boy would ever wish to marry her.

Alice didn't understand how the color and material of her underwear would determine if she was "loose", or not. Wouldn't it be the actions themselves that would determine such things? Alice tossed her bra to the floor, and unbuttoned her jeans, sliding them off of long smooth legs. She kept her white cotton panties on, and picked up a massive plaid, flannel shirt, and slipped it on, buttoning it up.

After brushing her teeth, and releasing her blonde hair from its ponytail, Alice crawled under her sheets, and prepared herself to sleep. Getting comfortable, her eyes closed, and she tried to ignore the sounds of the plummeting rain beating against her roof. Releasing a soft sound, Alice cuddled into her sheets, and started to fade into a pleasant slumber.

All the lights in the house were off. Her father had gone off to bed himself. The house was quiet.

And there, in the hallway, something began to take shape...

Alice would never sleep well again.

Her door creaked open, and though she was left unaware of this happening, it also gently creaked shut...

Alice felt her bed dip, and opened her eyes in a haze. She opened her mouth to say, "Daddy, is that you?" But found that no words could come forth from her lips. She was on her back, no longer her side, and she was...stuck. She was paralyzed. And the someone sitting on her bed then crawled forwards, now completely above her. Alice just stared with wide eyes.

Black hair, blue eyes, a long, lean, muscular figure; the man that was above her was very familiar. And she knew from where she recognized him... The painting of the man, and the nymphs in the hallway...

A man from a painting was on top of her, staring down at her with an unreadable expression. She was paralyzed still, even as he reached down and began kissing her neck softly.

What are you doing? Her mind screamed. Get off of me. Get away! Stop it! Stop it!

"No," A voice, low, seductive, and snake-like whispered into her ear, his hot breath ghosting past. Shuddering inwardly, Alice was surprised to hear him answer her, as if he could read her mind... Could he? He simply nodded, but remained silent. Staring up at the man with wide eyes, Alice lay still, unable to run.

The beast kissed her unmoving lips, winding his tongue into her mouth, and tasting her. She felt, as if she had no control of her own body, her tongue moving with his. They were...kissing... Alice had never been kissed before. But as the man above her guided her every move, she felt that she rather enjoyed—No! She thought angrily. This man, this beast, this heathen was forcing her to kiss him! It was wrong, and sick! Not at all arousing...

Alice could feel heat building between her legs.

She had been aroused before, but she had never acted on it, and as the beast placed his hand on the outside of her panties, Alice could feel herself panicking. He pressed a finger to her clit, and began a horribly slow circular motion.

Had she been able to, she would have groaned. The feeling was unlike anything she had ever before experienced. The man moved his hand away, only a moment later. No... She heard herself thinking, disappointed. It surprised her that he had simply eased all her anxiety away with a simple touch to her most private of places...

The man above her continued to kiss her, still winding his tongue around hers, and massaging, and teasing, and sucking on her own muscle every now and again. Alice was finding herself growing...hotter and hotter as he did so. She wanted to reach up and grab him, and pull him into her, as they kissed so wildly.

He pulled away from her swollen lips, and she looked up at him, disappointed. She could only move her eyes, and her eyelids, nothing else, unless he apparently allowed her to. He, in all his naked glory, reached out and tore her flannel shirt away from her body, tossing it behind himself blindly. Had Alice been able, she would have gasped, and attempted to cover up, but she simply lay there, resorting to staring at her captor with wide eyes.

She now had a certain...deer-in-the-headlights appeal.

Leaning down, he pressed his lips to her neck, and her eyes fluttered closed. The feeling was...nice. It wasn't as raw, and sexual as their last kiss, but she liked it all the same.

Lord, what was happening to her?

Smelling her hair briefly, the man began kissing down her body, stopping at her breasts to taste and play for a few moments. He ran his tongue along one of her pert, pink nipples, while he massaged, and teased her other breast with his hands. Alice wished she could groan. The sound was caught in her throat. Suddenly it broke free, and she moaned loudly, ringing the sound through the room. She felt her face grow hot, and the man, still sucking on her right nipple smirked at her, nibbling the flesh in his mouth and pressing the occasional kiss to her breast.

I don't even know his name... She suddenly thought, this little fact having just occurred to her through her drunken, lusty haze.

"Roushik," He suddenly whispered around her left nipple, having moved over during her thought process.

Your name is Roushik... She thought quietly. He nodded and continued sucking and nibbling on her hard tit. She felt the groan in her throat again. She felt the heat pooling between her legs. She was wet. She knew she was wet. How could she not be, with this man that bordered on the beauty of a sex god on top of her, licking, and sucking her nipples, like an infant, feasting on its mother's milk?

He released the nipple, now covered in saliva, and blew on it, smirking at the cold-induced hardness. He continued his trail down her body, licking, and kissing, and occasionally sucking on her stomach, and hipbones.

Pulling away, Roushik stared down at the seventeen year old girl, and with a smirk, took her knees, and bent them. Her feet were not lying flat on the bed. Roushik smirked wider, and she suddenly felt panicked again, as he spread those legs slightly. Sitting up now, he grabbed the hem of her panties and tore them free from her body, revealing her completely naked body. Alice wanted to do nothing more than clasp her hands over her naked womanhood, and curl into a ball of shame for her arousal. She didn't even know this man! But, she was paralyzed, and so, she continued to lay, with her knees bent, and pulled slightly apart.

He reached down and gripped her thighs, pulling the wide apart, revealing her naked pussy. Smirking at her horrified look, Roushik licked his lips, and leaned down to lay between her legs.

No, no, no, no, no... Alice thought, afraid of the outcome of all of this. She suddenly felt the gasp, and the groan in her throat as he touched his tongue to her swollen clit. He pulled her legs over his shoulders, and allowed her feet to rest on her back. With a short smirk, he released the hold of paralysis he had on her lower half. Alice's legs began to move sporadically. One foot slid far up his back, to dig into his shoulder blade, while the other was digging into his tailbone.

He rolled his tongue in a circular motion over her clit, and slowly inserted his tongue into her pussy, fucking her with slow, but hard thrusts. She was so wet... Some of her juices had actually gone as far as to leak out onto his lips, or his cheek. He didn't mind. It was what he wanted, actually.

Being an incubus, Roushik found it more of a bother than a reward to take a woman to bed with him. He had to use up quite a bit of energy to create a tangible form for himself, for the first time, and then the women were usually so scared they were more trouble than they were pleasurable. But this one...this one was different.

And he liked it. He liked it a lot. He could like it again, and again, and again... Her heels were digging into his back, and her hips were thrusting up against his face slightly. He could hear the moans, and the cries, and at one point, even the scream, as he tongue-fucked her, in his head. One of the great things about the spell was that he controlled everything including the time of her release. The other great thing was that he could hear everything she couldn't vocalize, such as moans and gasps, and groans, and words.

Yes... He heard in his head in her soft, intoxicated voice. Oh, lord, yes... She cried, practically humping against his face, hoping to find release. Roushik smirked. He could fuck her like this for hours, until the pleasure became so intense she would actually ejaculate. Roushik had only seen one woman ejaculate before, and he had found it, though stimulating, a little messy. Men ejaculate in a few simple squirts, when women ejaculate it was a long, drawn-out, messy spray. Sexy, but very, very messy...

He lifted her hips, and began tongue-fucking her harder, and harder than she ever dreamt possible. She wanted to grip his hair and thrust against his face more than anything. She wanted to be free from her paralysis completely, so that she could cling to him as he thrust his tongue into her completely, hopefully sending her over the edge.

He suddenly removed his tongue. The man smirked as his mind was barraged with various complaints, and noises of disappointment when he did so. Sitting up, he took hold of her legs and wrapped them around his waist. Suddenly she was paralyzed like that. He slipped forward, and began sinking his long, thick dick into her. Alice blinked away the tears from the pain of being entered, not only for the first time, but by someone so large.

Roushik placed his hands on the mattress, next to her head, and looked down at her, and licked the tears off of her cheeks. He sank down in such a way that their chests were pressed firmly together, and he was buried deep inside of her body. Her breath was coming out hard, and shakily, and he waited for a moment. With help of the spell, he eased the pain away and suddenly, he heard her gasp in his head. With a knowing smile, he slowly began to move.

Alice was beside herself with the pleasure of having Roushik buried deep inside her, fucking her, and nibbling on her ear as he did so. It felt so good. All of it. She couldn't believe what she had been missing out on. She wished that the spell would let go, and she could hold onto him. She wanted to wrap her arms around him. It just felt like what she was supposed to do... And what she wanted to do...

Roushik heard her thinking of how she wished to be freed from the spell, so she could hold him. He was tempted. He'd never let someone loose from his spell before. He had already allowed her to have the freedom of her legs, and her voice (though for only a second), which he had never allowed anyone to have... Could it hurt?

Alice suddenly grabbed onto Roushik, holding onto him for dear life as he began fucking her harder and harder. The headboard bumped against the wall occasionally, and in the back of her mind, she worried about her father overhearing them. He allowed her the freedom of her body, but not of her voice, for this reason alone. He could hear her moaning, and groaning, and at some points even screaming—much to his satisfaction—and he did not want their time to be interrupted my overprotective parents who didn't want to know that their baby girl was being driven into, while they thought she was sleeping soundly.

Oh, lord, She cried out in his mind. Yes, yes! Right there... She egged him on, throwing her head back and groaning loudly, inside. He could feel his release ready to hit him. As an incubus his stamina was much, much more impressive than a regular human man. He could easily take a woman for up to an hour if he wanted to. But this woman wasn't going to let him last that long.

She was too sexy.

She was too loud.

She was too tight.

He was too turned on by her... And suddenly the cadence of his fuck increased. He was thrusting into her so roughly, the headboard was banging against the wall. He bed was creaking. Her voice in his head was screaming for him to fuck her harder and faster, screaming yes, screaming: right there. She was absolutely shouting at him. And it was getting him so hot... He was ready to explode.

He suddenly released, fucking her still, but viciously biting her pillow, and fisting her sheets as he pounded into her, spraying into her, and having easily one of the most satisfying orgasms of his life.

Alice felt him explode inside of her, and she continued to cry out, and scream, inwardly, as he fucked her harder than she even thought possible. And suddenly he released his hold on her. Stars burst in front of her eyes, and the most amazingly satisfying, and earth shattering feeling tore through her whole body. Her back arched right off of the bed, and she threw her head back, impaling herself on his cock until she felt the feelings beginning to subside.

Slowly the two stopped, both breathing hard, and sweating. She didn't let him go. She held onto him tightly, with her arms and her legs. He pulled his face out of the pillow it was buried in, and kissed her gently on her free lips. She kissed him back. It was soft, and sweet, nothing like their first kiss.

"Exceptional..." He whispered, nuzzling his nose against her neck.

"That was amazing..." She whispered, having regained her voice. There was a long pause. "What are you?" She suddenly whispered into his ear. He kissed her shoulder, but remained silent. She tired another question, "What do you want?"

"You," He whispered into her ear, after a short pause.



"Why...?" He suddenly started fading away. "Roushik," She called, sitting up. He was gone... He just...evaporated...

"Only I will be able to satisfy you now..."

"Roushik," She called again. No one answered. She fell back onto her bed, and slipped into a quick slumber. Her romp with the beautiful beast had taken a lot out of her, after all...

Little did she know, that was only the very beginning...

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