Innocent Corruption

Throughout the lush, green trees, soft and beautiful song could be heard. A small, clear creek rushed by, it's water singing a lullaby to all who took the time to listen. The dark, moist grass grew, and was soft to the touch. An air of magic seemed to hold the atmosphere in a gentle embrace, and perfection tinted the edges of this place. A small opening, through the trees, hardly left enough sight to see a magical girl, beautiful and bold, dancing through the grass.

She had no shoes; none were needed. The grass held a softness to it that was unnatural. Her feet were gentle, lightly touching the ground as she twirled, almost hidden by her long, pure white dress that flowed over her ankles like water, raising but only slightly as she moved. Her dress, though nearly transparent, showed off her darkly skinned legs, her thighs powerful as she pushed herself through the air. Her waist was small, curving nicely as it went up, and her arms were spread, giving more exposure that she would have before. Her sleeves rose and fell, like a fairy's wings, gently against her smooth, thin arms. Her fingers were tiny and delicate, a butterfly's touch she could give. She knew no evil; her face held the pure innocence of a child, her eyes gently shut and her lips, full and lush, were driven into a most beautiful smile. Her cheeks were smooth and soft; she had no room for flaws. Despite the waves of her hair, the blonde strands flowed peacefully behind her, never missing a move and it danced behind her, to her waist.

She was like a mystical princess, dancing in the forest and waiting for her prince with innocence. Even her mind and thoughts showed no sign of corruption. She was innocence, dancing beautifully through the grass.

Would she be denied a woman today? She wondered, moving through the air with grace beyond any creature as she waited. Would he deny her a mature title of life? Her eyes never opened, and her gentle, graceful movements never ceased as a man appeared through the dark trees. Clouds slowly began to pass through as his feet crushed the grass. His feet were covered with thick, black shoes, and his legs hidden by his straight, dark pants. His torso remained unclothed, tanned muscles well defined, and his hair, thick and black, fell in messy waves to his shoulders. His hands were powerful and large, easily able to crush anything they gripped. His eyes were dark and clouded, and his face ever knowing. His every move held a kind of frightening grace. He was unlike her in every way; He was corruption, handsome and deadly.

They moved into each other's arms as though they had never been apart, without even a word. Their grace was stunning, and their beauty contrasted in such a way that it was almost frightening. She held a gentle, innocent beauty that none could rival, yet he held a powerful, frightening beauty that no other would dare to rival. The moonlight appreciated the sight and bathed them in it's radiance. Her eyes finally opened, showing bright colors and pure life radiated from them. Their eyes met, and she became trapped in his dark gaze.

They might have been lovers, with the ease that they fit into each other's arms, or perhaps they could be enemies, with the sparks that they seemed to emit towards each other. However, they were neither lovers nor enemies that silent, hell filled night, as she wondered with an innocent mind: Would he deny her a woman tonight, and doom her to a girl, young and immature?

They danced through the night, as the moon's light began to fall, and the darkest hour was about the befall her. He leaned over and she felt his lips grace her face. She shut her eyes, allowing him to do so; a simple pleasure that caused her throat to tighten. Her hands rested on his shoulders, giving such a light, unsuspecting touch that she thought for a moment he might have shivered.

She let her eyes open when she felt his lips leave her skin, and found herself staring into dark, lustful eyes that she had never seen before. Breath softly flew into her lungs, her voice hardly heard for the first time. Her voice was soft and sweet, and held no air of corruption or evil even as she stood so close to the man.

Would he deny her a woman tonight?

He took her hands and led her gently through the forest, and she felt a tension begin to rise in her chest that she was foreign to. What was this, she wondered, that he was trying to do to her? She followed him, hand in hand, as he led her through a dark part of the forest; a part of the forest that she avoided. She felt an unfamiliar smell tickle her nose, and felt a sudden lurch in her stomach. She wanted to go back, she realized. This side of the forest lacked the beauty that she had become familiar with, and it had no grass. Instead, damp, ugly mud was in its place, and the trees hung over, halfway dead. Few leaves had insisted on clinging to their last way of life.

"Tonight," He said, his voice like velvet, smooth and deceiving. "you will not be denied a woman."

She began to doubt herself, and wondered if she really wanted to be such a creature as a woman. He led her to a deadly looking log cabin that stood in a lonely patch of dead trees. The cabin itself was deadly; the logs were deathly shade of dark, as they seemed to decay before her very eyes. She felt a sudden, unexplainable fear work its way to her throat, and wished to go back.

There was no going back; she was too far, she realized as he pulled her through the horrible, decayed door. The cabin was damp on the inside, and held a dark power that was so strong, she felt forced to reel back as it hit her. Mud, dark and sticky beneath her suddenly dirtied feet, floored the cabin as it had covered the ground outside of it. There was no sign of the beauty that she lived in harmony with; the only exception was her, but her feet and dress were becoming dirty.

She felt the pressure of his hand on hers disappear, and suddenly noticed a lone bed sitting near a damp, dark wall of the cabin. The bed was musky and held a smell that pained her nose as it went through. It made horrible, high-pitched noises that hurt her ears as he sat down on it, and the head and foot rails were rusted with the corruption of innocence.

He reached out his hand to her, and she felt a new spark begin to arise in her chest. His arms were powerful, easily twice the strength of her entire body, and his hands were like deadly a viper, ready to strike. Reaching out her hand, she felt a sudden chill run up her body as the sharp breath of the forest struck her. Her dress, like liquid, began to slip off her shoulders. His hands accessed her newly bared skin, perfect and flawless. Her skin was smooth, and gave off a healthy glow, as he caressed her, and began to capture her innocent lips with his own.

There are no words to describe the loss of that very night, and no words to describe what he did to her, but the next morning, she cried. She sobbed, and her shoulders shook as she knew the truth. He is corruption, deadly and handsome, just as he was the night before. He would remain the same for there was nothing for him to keep. She had been innocence, sweet and naïve, who had visited corruption one peaceful night. Corruption, she knew now, could visit innocence and remain unchanged, but innocence would never be so sweet or so beautiful if she visited corruption.

And she wept for the loss of innocence, and she wept for the innocent corruption that took it's place.

She had not been denied a woman.